White Mice

Royal english resistance

The White Mice

Organization Type/Specialties: Terrorists/Resistance Movement
Assets: $300 million
Monthly Net Revenue: $2.5 Million
Employees/Members: Estimated at 500 combat-ready with 1,500 in support positions

Societal Position: Typical Resources, Special Assets (Black Market Gear)
Rank: Military, 3/Level, Max 5
Rivals: British Republic, Corporations dealing with the Republic

Rank Table
Rank Title Cost
0 Ensign 0
1 Lieutenant 3
2 Group Captain 6
3 Knight 9
4 Chevalier 12
5 Duke 15

Important Facilities

Southern Europe: Unknown Location, Headquarters

BAD Modifiers

Security: 4
Digital Security: 4
Competence: 2
Knowledge: 2


The white mice

The Royal English Resistance, also known as the White Mice, are a worldwide network of those loyal to the remnants of the British royal family who were deposed in a coup in 2017. Although many of the original ringleaders – ex-military, aristocrats or resourceful loyal subjects – are now dead or in advanced old age, they have ensured that a new generation takes their place in the constant counter-revolutionary struggle. The R.E.R. is headquartered somewhere in Europe – possibly Gibraltar or Malta – but operates a cell structure with “brigades” on every continent, channeling arms and funds back to resistance units in England and across the globe who carry out terrorist strikes on the British Republic and corporations who are too obvious in aiding it. Their nickname comes from the nickname given by the Nazi occupiers to the most famous woman British agent in France during World War Two, leading to speculation that the overall head of the R.E.R. is perhaps Princess Eugenie of York, who survived her sister’s assassination and would now be 60 years old if she survives. Many White Mice operatives also belong to a Clade that favors old British Imperial mores and customs, as well as a modernized variants of Victorian colonialist looks – the inherent ideology subscribes to the view that once the monarchy is restored Britain can reclaim an Empire and status in the world again.

White Mice

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