The Sumanting Clan


The Sumanting Clan

Organization Type/Specialties: Independent Toughs
Assets: $35,000
Monthly Net Revenue: $2,000
Employees/Members: 30

Societal Position: Small Resources
Rank: None
Rivals: Local Gangs

Important Facilities


BAD Modifiers

Security: 1
Digital Security: 1
Competence: 0
Knowledge: 0


The Sumanting Clan isn’t an organized gang as much as a collection of hoods with a family connection, they have a loose affliation with the Filipino Mafia, but are not directly sanctioned or controlled by them – in fact, while some are Obero in the Filipino Mafia, many members of the Sumanting Clan are also members of other gangs! Remy Sumanting was trying to build an actual gang with real turf, and none of the Sumantings actually know what happened to him, but what they do know is he had personal beef with Pacoy Aquino – well known to have many problems among the Filipino Mafia – and suddenly disappeared the day he was going to deal with it. The Sumantings may not be a real gang, but they plan on taking real vengeance on Pacoy. Although there are many of them, they are rarely together in large groups.

The Sumanting Clan

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