Ruskin Commonwealth Society

Ruskin cs

Ruskin Commonwealth Society

Organization Type/Specialties: Victoriana Clade
Assets: $2.5B
Monthly Net Revenue: $75M
Employees/Members: 1,500

Societal Position: Typical
Rank: Administrative, 3/Level, Max 4
Rivals: None

Rank Table
Rank Title Cost
0 Civil Servant 0
1 Alderman 3
2 Under-Secretary 6
3 Secretary 9
4 Chair 12

Important Facilities

Mornington Enclave, Night City

BAD Modifiers

Security: 0
Digital Security: 0
Competence: 4
Knowledge: 2


As the original core of Night City was emerging from its crime war, in 2032, a group of developers and investors formed the Society with a view to purchasing land and establishing an enclave where inhabitants have to abide by a code of conduct that exemplifies the Vitoriana ethics of the Clade. The land purchased was cleared and an elaborate district, which has been specifically constructed and landscaped to look almost as if it were almost two hundred years old rose – a homage to Victorian London but complete with steampunk motifs and integrated modern technology. Although the society is infatuated with all things Victorian, it sees them through a distorted lens based upon the works of it’s namesake, John Ruskin – among other things, that means it is a staunchly anti-monarchical group and one of its first acts was to invite the Republic of Britain to establish it’s NorCal Consulate in the enclave.

The Society’s enclave, Mornington, is now one of the main tourist attractions of the city, ensuring the Society stays wealthy from the rents and taxes it levies on all who live or operate within the enclave’s boundary.

Entry to the Society’s lowest ranks, which function as the enclave’s local government, is technically by merit based on a series of “civil service exams” but all too often rich Victorianans bribe their way in.

The current Chair of the Society is Charlotte Gilman, daughter of one of the first investors.

Ruskin Commonwealth Society

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