Desiderium Cartel

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Desiderium Cartel

Organization Type/Specialties: Procurement and Sale of Arms, Intelligence and Acquisitions
Assets: $4,200,000
Monthly Net Revenue: $1,400,000
Employees/Members: ~1000

Societal Position: Typical Resources, Special Assets (Black Market Gear)
Rank: Gang, 3/Level, Max 3
Rivals: Wo Shing Wo Triad

Rank Table
Rank Title Cost
0 Childe 0
1 Son/Daughter 3
2 Brother/Sister 6
3 Father 9

Important Facilities

The Gray: Cabrini-Grean, Headquarters.
The Shambles: Mons Ferrum, Stronghold.
Docks District: Ad Libitum, Outpost.

BAD Modifiers

Security: 2
Digital Security: 1
Competence: 3
Knowledge: 3


The Desiderium Cartel is a street level enterprise run with a poise and finesse rarely seen outside the MegaCorps. It is run more like a family than a gang – its members living in a communal facility. More curious, the small cartel seems to have minor ties to the Megacorps, or at the least superb knowledge of how they work. Desiderium is run like a business and the arms and armor of its members reflect that, quiet and only semi-lethal, “We Sell Death – We Do Not Make It” being a common moto. This odd organization with a Old World feel is said to be run by the Candyman – an enigmatic being with an inhuman understanding of markets…it is a wonder why the Corps did not snap him up long ago.

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Desiderium Cartel

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