Dangerous Seasons

Dangerous seasons club

Situated in the Vine Hills red-light district between Night City Core and the docklands, the Dangerous Seasons is a “gentleman’s club” – that is, a strip-joint – with a reputation as a clean, no-nonsense place where folk can let off steam or do a little biz without being blown-away or stiffed. It’s down a well-lit alleyway off the main road, on an upper level overlooking a small square, and can be found by it’s prominent neon signage.

Dangerous Seasons is owned by the notorious crime baron Freylander Bey, and run by two trusted managers. “Kicker” is a veteran of the Texan wars in Mexico, and has a reputation as being stingy with the girls and customers while “Cavendish” has a lower-class British accent and is far more amenable – although most people come away from meeting him feeling they’ve come of worst in a deal somehow. As one regular says, “Cavendish always makes me want to count my rings after shaking his hand, y’know?”

Still, the two run a tight, well-organized club for their boss. Admission is $55 at the door, where you check all weapons and have a limiter placed on any dangerous cyberware the ever-present security detect with their wands. Then it’s through into the 250-capacity modernist main room which is hot, smoky, loud and dark except for tiny LED lights on tables and the brighter lights illuminating the three stages. There are private booths available in the “V.I.P. Seating” for an up-charge of $150 per booth. They come with hush fields to cut the noise from the club and make business possible, which also blur the air making positive I.D. of patrons seated there difficult. The bar runs along most of the righthand wall.

To the left as one enters are the well-appointed customer restrooms, and a narrow flight of stairs up to second floor “quiet bar”, which seats up to 30 in brass-and-leather splendor. To the right, the dancer’s changing room, and stairs up to the 12 “VIP Rooms” and the manager’s office. There is also a pair of doors either side of the main stage at the back of the main room, which lead to storage areas, a cellar and a stairway up to the roof.

Dangerous Seasons

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