Coyote Tribe

Tribal coyote

Coyote Tribe

Organization Type/Specialties: Nomad Tribe
Assets: 256 Million
Monthly Net Revenue: 1.4 Million
Employees/Members: 800,000

Societal Position: Typical Resources
Rank: Nomad, 3/level, Maximum 4.
Rivals: Other Nomad Tribes, Badlands Settlements

Important Facilities

None Known

BAD Modifiers

Security: 3
Digital Security: 1
Competence: 2
Knowledge: 2


The Coyote Tribe are an extended tribe of Nomads found in family groups throughout the Mid-West and count themselves part of the Midwestern Nomad Nation. Numbering some 800,000 all told, they split into Packs of some 200-1,200 people for traveling, only congregating once every year at the great Snowbird gathering in the desert around Rising Free City in the former Arizona, where the eight million or so nomads of their nation gather for the worst of winter.

The Coyote Tribe, like their animal namesake, are both scavengers and predators – they live day-to-day by hunting wild game, including even the massive Gnox of the open plains but over the summer build up a stock of tradable salvage by exploring pre-Collapse ruins or of hard credit by doing agricultural and construction labor for both small settlements and any corporate enclave they may find in their travels. They are generally brave but not overconfident, consider themselves tricky customers and keen traders who will keep the letter of their word once it is given, and hold the idea of concerted action as a group higher than individual heroism (which is often seen as foolhardy).

Most Packs travel in a caravan comprising a core of four to eight “Scavenger” big-rigs, surrounded by a small land-armada of re-built buses, trucks, buggies and bikes. They move the big-rigs and largest other vehicles during the night, then make a day-camp at a likely spot, surrounded by laser fences as well as patrolled by armed buggies and sentries with domesticated Dhoggies, while the scouts fan out to find and mark the next day’s camp.

As their name suggests, the Coyote Tribe have incorporated many Native American motifs and ways of thinking into their clade’s ethos – albeit leavened generously with some New Age mysticism and a hard-nosed libertarian/survivalist edge. They see their scavenging as cleansing the earth of the poisons of the past, so that the Badlands will one day bloom and be fertile again, and take great pains to minimize their own impact on the landscape – recycling as much as possible and using every part of any beast killed. Their extended family groups, the Packs, elect their day-to-day leaders from among their oldest and wisest, who then appoint suitable candidates to posts like Scout Leader and War Captain. Many packs have a shaman – a Wise Woman or Medicine man, who acts as primary teacher, spiritual counselor and history-keeper for the Pack. The tribe as a whole greatly prefers bioware over cyberware – because it needs little maintenance when one is far from the cities, is seen as more in tune with nature than making oneself part-metal, and because the best quality bioware can be procured in Rising during the winter gatherings.

Individual Packs have evocative names like the Blood Moon Coyote pack or the Slab Rock Coyote pack. The current Head of the Tribal Council and delegate to the Nation’s Council is Mica Sinawava. His half-brother Jamul Sinawava is the designated overall tribal War Leader should push come to shove.

Coyote Tribe

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