The 499.Summit Prison was a singular find for Candy upon setting up in Night City. A sensationalist media grabbing project in the late 2020, built in the fading area of the city known as The Gray at a time when many prisons and police stations were being demolished and sold to private firms, it was a fortress with poise. The following is a recording on the subject of the prisons unusual hi-rise design at the time of its constructions:


“499.SUMMIT is the outcome of a critical look into these static institutions. It proposed to challenges all preconceived notions of the word “prison”, and re-imagines the high-rise as an urban penitentiary. The massing consists of three towers in the shape of an arch. The inherent linear and formal qualities of the ‘arch’ allowed for the overall circulatory concept: Up, over, down. Each arch has three primary phases, Incarceration (up), Transformation (over), and Integration (down). The arches begin isolated during the incarceration phase and merge together both physically and programmatically during the integration phase. As the inmates graduate through the facility, they are being exposed to an increasing degree of social interaction, to make the transition back into society as soft as possible. To catalyst this process, public program and residential housing are introduced in the integration phase downwards.”

In regards to the present and the long since debunked 499.Summit, the building sold cheaply due to its ridiculous design and troublesome location – hanging over the Night City rail line. The building was equipped with a loading dock behind the cafeteria and other useful accoutrements for a fledgling smuggler. Today the inside of this odd building looks nothing like the stark foreboding prison of yesteryear – now cheerful voices flow through the compound and the place is abuzz with modern entertainments. Cabrini-Grean is simply put, the home of the Desiderium family.

Security Details:

Armored Doors: DR 100

Complex Locks: -4 to skill

Electronic Locks: Scanlock

Defense Globes: Nonlethal (Sonic emitters and tanglers)

Employees: A large number of Desiderium live in the vast confines of Cabrini-Grean. It serves as head-quarters of the growing cartel and can comfortable house hundreds of individuals. While the numbers fluctuate, their are typically 300-400 individuals living within the prison at any one time. The maximum occupancy approximately ~500.



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