Black Sky Pack

Black sky pack

Black Sky Pack

Organization Type/Specialties: Nomad Tribe
Monthly Net Revenue:
Employees/Members: 600

Societal Position: Typical Resources, Special Assets (Black market gear)
Rank: Nomad, 3/level, Maximum 4.
Rivals: Other Nomad Tribes, Badlands Settlements

Important Facilities

None Known

BAD Modifiers

Security: 3
Digital Security: 2
Competence: 3
Knowledge: 2


The Black Sky Pack are a group of some 500 or so nomads encompassing about a dozen extended families and are part of the Midwestern Nomad Nation. Their origins lie in a US Air Force heavy-lift airship unit which deserted en-masse during the Militia Wars and adapted to an independent nomadic lifestyle, marrying locally then bringing their new wives and children on board their airships as well as recruiting some other deserters. The core of the pack’s transport consists of three aging but huge 600 foot, 150 ton payload, “Air-Walrus” airship and nine 430 foot “Skytug” airships which have about a third of the payload of the massive flagships. These motherships carry many smaller aircraft, however – mostly ultralight scout planes with light weapons although the Pack also use armed rotor-drones and a handful of AV-4 utility transports.

The Black Sky Pack survives by being flexible: one week they could be providing heavy lift capacity for a construction project, the next week they could be flying cargo or contraband from one city to another, the next their matte-black craft could be descending on a Badlands settlement as air pirates out to loot and steal. They have preserved some of their old military discipline and still use four old ranks as their main titles: Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain and Colonel. The current head of the Pack is Colonel Mary “Twice-bitten” Black, daughter of the original Colonel Black, who died in a raid three years ago.

Black Sky Pack

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