Air and Sea Malaysia


Air and Sea Malaysia

Organization Type/Specialties: International Shipping Business
Assets: $20B
Monthly Net Revenue: $350M
Employees/Members: 90,000

Societal Position: Large Resources
Rank: Corporate Rank 3/Level, Max 8
Rivals: Hong Kong Shipping, Union Global, (Others?)

Rank Table
Rank Title Cost
0 Worker, Associate 0
1 Team Leader 3
2 Supervisor 6
3 Local Division Manager 9
4 District Manager 12
5 Division Manager, Director 15
6 Vice President 18
7 Corporate Officer, Member of the Board 21
8 Executive Chairman of the Board 24

Important Facilities

Kuala Lamupur, Malaysia: Company Headquarters
Hong Kong, China: South China Headquarters
Night City, NorCal: Pacific North American Headquarters

BAD Modifiers

Security: 2
Digital Security: 2
Competence: 4
Knowledge: 2


They are a sizable but by no means dominating international cargo transportation company. Anybody who lives near the pacific ocean has probably seen their emblem dozens of times plastered over shipping containers and never stopped to wonder what it was. They aren’t flashy but strive to keep their supplies moving effeciently. In the past they had contracted out private security, but in recent efforts to cut back expenses in the long term have begun using in-house trained soldiers to combat piracy.

Air and Sea Malaysia

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