Yaffle's Gift

Dedicated Palmtop Computer


A Small Computer with a Datapad interface and an attached reprogrammable swipe-card which acts as an electronic lockpick.

Expert System: Area Knowledge (DreamCorps T.R.C.) 14.
Expert System: Lockpicking (Electronic) 14.

Software: $3,000. LC2.

Hardware: Complexity 5. Stores 100 TB. $100, 0.4 lbs., B/10 hr. LC4.


Programmed by the Gomi netrunner Yaffle with the team’s collected knowledge of the layout and security code practises of the DreamCorps Technology Research Center in Night City, it’s expert systems provide a guide through the Center’s corridors and room as well as inferring and entering security codes in any cardlock the attached card is swiped through.

Yaffle's Gift

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