Veracity Blaize

Intrepid reporter for news 24/7


Known Cyberware: Neural Interface, Implant Computer, Sensie Implant, Cyberoptics, Cyberaudio.

Known Combat Training: None


Veracity Blaize is a “stage name”, she was born Sharon Billings to a medium-level Prole family in SoCal. After studying journalism at NCU, she worked her way up through the ranks to become News 24/7’s premier front-of-camera news reporter. She’s had several scoops over that career and while she’s unfailingly polite to those she interviews, she also has a way of getting unguarded reactions from them that speak greater volumes than a straight Q&A would normally. Veracity has a great “nose” for a story and is tenacious in pursuit of the truth – even if it means going up against the powers that be. She’s been known to feed stories to indie news types too, if they’re too rich for the station’s corporate tatses.

Veracity Blaize

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