Toya Gehricht

Head of the Special Loss Adjustment Unit for Providential Mutual's Night City office


Wealth: Very Wealthy
Rank: Corporate 6

Known Cyberware: Neural Interface Adapter, Integrated Computer Implant, “Skilldex” Cognitive Enhancement Package, Executive Protection System Skinweave, “Nightowl” Cyberoptics, Healthspy BIOS, Toxin Screener, Vocal Enhancement Package.

Known Combat Training: Karate, Judo, Two-handed Sword (Mono-Katana), Tonfa, Guns (Pistol), Beam (Pistol), Explosive Ordinance Disposal, Poisons.


Toya has a reputation as an almost fanatically loyal employee who is dedicated to cutting her corporation’s losses by any method. As head of the Special Loss Adjustment Unit her task is to use off-the-books investigators and operatives to return stolen items which the company insured, to find and deliver to justice fraudsters and thieves and to punish those who have cost the corporation too much money through deliberate malice.

The daughter of a German father who is senior underwriter for Providential Mutual and a Japanese accountant mother, she’s well connected and well regarded by the upper echelons of the megacorp and earmarked for greater things. Given her efficiency, she could be far further along her career path if it were not for a pathological lack of ambition which stems from an equally pathological callousness about others.

Toya Gehricht

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