Agustin Hashaway

Art Dealer To The Rich & Famous


Status: 4
Wealth: Millionaire
Rep: 4 among Night City Glitterati

Known Cyberware: Neural Interface, Implant Computer, Skinweave

Known Combat Training: None


Agustin Hashaway is the CEO and very public face of Hashaway Fine Art. His exclusive boutique stores at three locations in the city (Carrington Vogue Mall, Buchanan Gallery and the Ottoman Hotel) sell expensive art of all kinds to the Glitterati of Night City and beyond while he himself is a minor celebrity figure among the society in-crowd due to his own procilivities as a suave lady’s man and expert gambler (all kinds of cards games, but usually Bridge or Poker). Hashaway is a member of the Ruskin Victoriana clade, living in a palatial apartment in Mornington, and is known as a stubborn and hidebound member of the clade’s elite. His habit of looking down on those he considers lesser beings and his absolute fastidiousness when it comes to dirt of any kind often rub the non-Glitterati the wrong way, but he frankly doesn’t care, and will say so.

Agustin Hashaway

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