Wo Shing Wo


Wo Shing Wo Triad

Organization Type/Specialties: Organized Crime, Digital Piracy, Arms/Drugs/Stolen Goods Sales, Extortion
Assets: $775 Million
Monthly Net Revenue: $4.25 Million
Employees/Members: 1,150

Societal Position: Typical Resources, Special Assets (Black Market Gear).
Rank: Criminal, 3/Level, Max 4
Rivals: Local divisions of the Yakuza, Tongs, Russian Mafia, other Triads; Desiderium Cartel

Rank Table
Rank Title Cost
0 Blue Lanterns 0
1 49ers 3
2 White Paper Fan/Red Pole/Straw Sandal 6
3 Vanguard/Deputy Mountain Master/Incense Master 9
4 Dragonhead 12

Important Facilities

Cargotown Combat Zone, Night City, North California Free State: Night City Headquarters

BAD Modifiers

Security: 4
Digital Security: 3
Competence: 3
Knowledge: 2


The Wo Shing Wo is one of the oldest surviving Triad groups, now more than a century old. They have gone through a number of money making methods throughout the years – extortion, drugs, resale of stolen goods, and resale of digital piracy. These days, they run a fairly diversified operation, calling on a bit of everything to keep their revenue stream competitive against the more specialized criminal groups.

They primarily operate in Hong Kong, but they also have a strong presence in mainland China, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Night City, and the British Republic. Many more places still see a smaller influence. The stats above are for each major branch – they all operate mostly independently.

Traditionally the Wo Shing Wo elects a new Dragonhead every two years, but the current holder of the office – One Eye Wei – has been elected three terms in a row.


Wo Shing Wo

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