Whirlwind Security

Whirlwind private security

Whirlwind Private Security

Organization Type/Specialties: Security Personnel and Systems
Assets: $145B
Monthly Net Revenue: $1.1B
Employees/Members: 140,000

Societal Position: Large Resources
Rank: Corporate, 3/Level, Max 8
Rivals: Armatech, Schreiver Executive Security, Sensor Security

Rank Table
Rank Title Cost
0 Worker, Associate 0
1 Team Leader 3
2 Supervisor 6
3 Local Division Manager 9
4 District Manager 12
5 Division Manager, Director 15
6 Vice President 18
7 Corporate Officer, Member of the Board 21
8 Executive Chairman of the Board 24

Important Facilities

Cascade City, Cascade Free State: Headquarters
Rising Free City: Police Training Academy
Woking, London, British Republic: Partnership for Intelligence Project (PIP)

BAD Modifiers

Security: 4
Digital Security: 2
Competence: 2
Knowledge: 2


Based in Cascade City in the Cascade free state, their distinctive field-grey uniforms are a familiar sight to most city dwellers in North America. They provide corporate police, integrated security systems and specialist security contractors across the continent from sub-offices in every major city. They even have exclusive contracts to administer local law enforcement on behalf of the metroplexes of Rising and Citadel free Cities. The corporation also hopes to expand its operations beyond North America and has a pilot program in London providing security personnel as consultants to the British government.

Whirlwind Security

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