The Shambles

The shambles 2

The Shambles

Population: 25,500 (Search +1)


Terrain: Urban
Appearance: Hideous
Hygiene: -3

Culture And Economy

Language: English, Spanish, Chinese
Literacy: Native
TL: 9
Wealth: Poor
Status: -2 to 1

Political Environment

Government: Anarchy
CR: 0
Military Resources: None
Defense Bonus: +3


One of several areas in Night City known as “combat zones”, The Shambles is a police no-go area and shantytown built into and from the remnants of two abandoned pre-Collapse factory complexes sprawling across the boundary between Keller Canyon and Antioch precincts. The two massive industrial parks used to hold a variety of heavy industry plants, including a cement works, a zinc works, a huge scrap-yard, a plant for the manufacture of heavy construction machinery and a railway coachworks. Nowadays, the area has become a haven for the homeless and the lawless, converted into a huge continuous shanty town and carved up into individual fiefdoms by gangs and bottom-rung criminal warlords.

Notable Personalities and Groups

Desiderium Cartel – Toenail Tower

The shambles  internal

The Shambles

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