The Northern Union

Northern union

“Nobody in Europe will be abandoned. Nobody in Europe will be excluded. Europe only succeeds if we work together.”

Angela Merkel<

Unfortunately, pre-Collapse dreams of a federal and united Europe spanning the entire continent were never to be realized. As the original European Union collapsed into a conglomerate of individual nations again, each huddled around its own misery, something in that dream broke.

By 2027, those nations which had been strongest before the Collapse had begun to recover and again looked to a European union which would preserve and extend the continent’s peace and prosperity. Britian had opted out from any European dream one final time with its anti-royal coup, but the problem remained the other hangers-on who wouldn’t leave of their own accord, who would drag any such experiment down. The answer was a set of treaties that culminated in the Unification of 2035 which established the Northern Union, a federal joining of the countries of France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Poland and Ukraine into one contiguous Union in which each became a State. The Northern Union closed its borders to immigration from Southern Europe and Africa immediately.

the throbbing heart of the Northern Union is the Europlex, the sprawling collection of megacities and urban connectivity that makes the Northern Union the most urbanized nation on earth. Stretching from Paris to Berlin, it takes in the big cities in the regions of central Belgium, the Dutch Randstat, Rhine-Rhur, Rgine-Main and Geneva metroplex along the way. The Europlex cities and their suburbs together have a population in 2050 of around 90 million.

The Northern Union

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