The Gray


The Gray

Population: 1.2 Million (Search +3)


Terrain: Hills, Urban
Appearance: Ugly
Hygiene: +0

Culture And Economy

Language: English, Spanish, Chinese
Literacy: Native
TL: 9
Wealth: Struggling
Status: -2 to 3

Political Environment

Government: Limited (Municipality)
CR: 3 (Corruption -2)
Military Resources: $90 Million
Defense Bonus: +3



Through the ages, cities have always been built upon the bones of the dead. New villages rise from the plucked stones of fallen empires and mighty cities grow out of the dead bodies of those come before. So it has been since the dawn of man and so it continues – but now man builds higher and upon the backs of the poor. The Gray is such a forgotten place, a stretch of original city that was to be topped with an arcology dome during the worst of the environmental disaster of the post-collapse age. The project was never finished and the open framework of the arcology, built over and through, now sits between the dark waste of the Shambles and the bright lights of the Core in the Mulligan Hill Precinct on the Northern border of Mulligan Park. The Gray sits in the shadows of power and wealth – yet it is not yet the darkness of urban rot that dots so much of Nightcity. While its structures are old and the shine of the Glitterati no longer grace its streets, the place is a comfortable home to multitudes of working folk. Yet every city of man lives on borrowed time and even now the Zoners drift into the district as the police and military presence rapidly evaporates.

Notable Personalities and Groups

Desiderium Cartel


The Gray

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