The Gomi Emporium

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Situated in the Night City Core dockland, this establishment looks like a medium-sized one-floor store front concern – a combination junkshop, thrift store, antiques market and curio store built into the ground floor of a dilapidated and boarded-up apartment block. Appearances can be deceiving, however. The owners have taken over the entire six floors of the apartment building and converted them, along with a subterranean bunker which was left over and un-demolished from the old military base that used to occupy the site. You might find just about anything in this labyrinth of rubbish, from an engine for a ‘67 Chevy to the latest cutting edge tech. Many of the locals buy secondhand clothes, furniture and personal electronics there. It’s also a popular place to unload goods, as the owners ask few if any questions about provenance, as well as to buy black-market items not easily available otherwise.

The Gomi Emporium is owned by an enigmatic, elderly British woman called Emily Firmin, a.k.a. Lady Emily, and rumors abound that she is in fact a member of the British nobility in exile. She is rarely seen and mostly confines herself to her top-floor suite, but when she is people are stuck by her natural grace and manner. The day-to-day running of operations is left to her able assistants. Madeleine Remnant is a fixer who is known on the streets as “Ragdoll”, Gabriel Crapaud is an old soldier from Louisiana and there’s a netrunner calling himself Prof. Augustus Barclay Yaffle who uses a scholarly woodpecker animation as his Net avatar. They oversee a staff of eight.

Whatever her true background, Emma has access to resources far beyond those suggested by her junk warehouse. Her constant companion and bodyguard, for example, is a “Sentinel” series Bengal Tiger she calls Bagpuss – these top of the line cloned, gene-engineered and bio-enhanced security constructs are usually seen only in the company of the very wealth and stylish Elite.

Emily and her Gomi Emporium are intended as a useful source of information, gear and contracts for an Edgerunners team. See also the White Mice.

The Gomi Emporium

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