The First People

Spiral path

The First People

Organization Type/Specialties: Nomad Tribe
Assets: 350 Million
Monthly Net Revenue: 1 Million
Employees/Members: 1,400,000

Societal Position: Typical Resources
Rank: Nomad, 3/level, Maximum 4.
Rivals: Other Nomad Tribes, Badlands Settlements

Important Facilities

None Known

BAD Modifiers

Security: 3
Digital Security: 1
Competence: 2
Knowledge: 2


The First People are the largest tribe of the Midwestern Nomad Nation and are typical of Nomad tribes, being a fairly loose collective of Packs organized around a central ideal – living in harmony with a deified idea of earth, in order to heal it and themselves spiritually. Much of the Tribe’s ideology is taken from pre-Collapse eco-warriors and New Age travelers but it has then been liberally added to from Native American practises and with Australian Aboriginal motifs (such as the “walkabout” and “Dreamland”) as well as accretions from transhumanism and elsewhere.

The First People packs do not use motorized transport of any kind, nor do they use non-biological cyberware. Even their computers, when they have them at all, are bio-chip models. They do however use bio-technology to its fullest extent, leaning on the bio-techs of Rising City for their expertise as well as to create genetically tailored children who can more fully live the lifestyle they have chosen. Many of the younger generations of the First People have adaptations to enable them to survive in the wilds of the badlands, while the elders will often have added bioware. Their weaponry, too, tends towards lo-tech items such as bows although they will supplement these with weapons such as solar-recharged survival rifles using self-generated ice darts.

The First People use gene-tailored beasts of burden and domesticated animals like camels and dhoggies to aid them along their nomadic pathways, as they tramp their long circle from Rising City to Chi-Pitts. They travel in extended family groups and alliances, Packs, of between 30 and 3,000 members depending on circumstance and pack allegiances – all with fanciful names like "the Gaia Collective and “Bloodheart’s Band”. Along the way they hunt, gather, work construction or agricultural labor for cities and settlements, or raid others they happen across.

The First People

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