The Arc

The arc1

The Arc

Population: 3,000 (Search -1)


Terrain: Floating, Sealed
Appearance: Beautiful
Hygiene: +3

Culture And Economy

Language: English, Spanish, Chinese
Literacy: Native
TL: 9
Wealth: Filthy Rich
Status: 0 to 6

Political Environment

Government: Corporate State
CR: 2 (Corruption -1)
Military Resources: $225 Million
Defense Bonus: +6


Brain child of BioMai co-founder, Michael Kwan, The Arc is one of the most breath-taking marvels of science and technology the world has to offer. The Arc is a combination research center – housing nearly 1,000 scientists and their state of the art labs – and floating luxury hotel – offering the unparalleled experience of a floating hotel filled with internal parks of real plants and animals.

As a science facility, The Arc is home of some of the most cutting-edge biotechnology in the world, and serves as an incentive for recruiting the best of the best of to BioMai: Sign a life-long contract, and spend 2 five-year stints on the Arc. Most of the biotechnology is focused on reclaiming ecology, but genetic engineering has a very strong presence as well. Outside of BioMai’s typical biotechnology focus are the ship engineers that maintain a stunning concert of wind, solar and ocean-thermal power collectors, water treatment plants, and air purifiers keeping The Arc a completely closed system fulfilling the needs of the scientists and guests as well.

The arc 2

As a luxury hotel, the The Arc is incomparable: nowhere else in the world can you find such unobstructed views of the ocean, enclosed parks with such a beautiful array of natural flora and fauna – including the last habit of several species of butterflies and lower primates. Its spacious suites have every amenity you’d expect on land as well, including a 5 star chef serving “real” meat and vegetables. Glitterati spend fortunes to spend a few nights on this floating eden. The Sea Level also houses a small marina for incoming ships – both trade and luxury yachts.

The arc 3

In it’s short history, The Arc has only been attacked once. There are no concrete details of what happened to the would-be pirates, but BioMai’s secretive Arc Response Team are said to have dealt with the situation before guests were even aware of it’s development. Questions as to what happened to the criminals and their gear are met with a change of subject or a reference to the maritime laws of defense in international waters.

The Arc sails an area between Indonesia and Australia, always staying in international waters.

Notable Personalities and Groups

None as yet.

The Arc

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