Tambov Syndicate

Tambov syndicate

The Tambov Syndicate

Organization Type/Specialties: Organized Crime, Cybercrime, Bars and Clubs, Bookmakers, Automotive Sales, Repair and Breakers
Assets: $350 Million
Monthly Net Revenue: $2.25 Million
Employees/Members: 600

Societal Position: Typical Resources, Special Assets (Black Market Gear)
Rank: Criminal, 3/Level, Max 4
Rivals: Local divisions of the Italian Mafia, Yakuza, Tongs and Corsican Mafia

Rank Table
Rank Title Cost
0 Byki (Bull) 0
1 Kryshas (Enforcer) 3
2 Sovietnik (Unit Leader) 6
3 Obshchak (Lieutenant) 9
4 Pakhan (Boss) 12

Important Facilities

St. Petersburg Russia: former Admiralty Building, World Headquarters.
Night City Shadelands: Lomshchiki Automotive & Breakers, North American Headquarters.

BAD Modifiers

Security: 1
Digital Security: 2
Competence: 3
Knowledge: 2


The Tambov Syndicate from St. Petersburg in Russia are relatively recent arrivals among Russian crime groups in the US. Unlike the Los Angeles AP-13 Armenians or San Fransisco’s Odessan Syndicate, who had a strong presence in those areas during the last century, the Tambovs moved into Night City post-Collapse and rapidly established themselves in the poorer, industrial Southside areas of Shadelands and Mount Diablo. The Night City Tambov Syndicate are the Imagizhen’s main rivals in the Core area, running automobile theft, money laundering, prostitution, gambling, drug trafficking and protection rackets from various Southside locales.

Tambov Syndicate

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