Talking Rock Tower

Talking rock tower

Talking Rock Tower is a hi-rise condo block in the Clayton precinct, an expensive home for corporate bigwigs and rich Glitterati. Owned and managed by Goebel Asset Management, the tower and its grounds are sovereign territory.

The tower has 72 floors and stands 987 feet high. The bottom eight floors are, in order, a lobby and administration floor , then security offices along with the computer core, then a pool, a fitness center, a fancy restaurant, then three floors of leased offices. Above that are the condos, one to a floor. Dudes, we are talking very flash. Every floor except the bottom one can be remote-controlled by the residents to revolve around a central core which holds stairs, elevators and even a vehicle elevator. The windows are all self-polarizing so residents can set the level of opacity by remote and the doors all have biometric retinal/fingerprint/voiceprint locks, keyed only to authorized personnel and connected to a silent alarm system. All floors have complete fire detection and retardant systems built in, using foam and inert gases as required. At the top of the tower is a copter/ AV pad and three floors of hangar space reserved for the upper floor residents.

Whirlwind Private Security have the contract to provide security and services for the tower, providing an on-site security team of 24 working in three shifts, all with standrad equipmemt for Whirlwind corporate police. The company guarantees residents that a rapid response team in powered armor is deliverable by scrambled AV from the Whirlwind building downtown within five minutes of a security alert.

The on-site security team is augmented by various non-lethal security measures. There is an electrolaser fence around the property which can be set to tight-net operation if required, the main ground-level entry has a T-Ray Portal Scanner and the elevators, stairwells and public accessable areas are all covered by lo-lite capable video surveillance. In addition, the elevators have non-lethal gas spray systems and all stairwells have sonic barriers, remotely triggerable by Whirlwind staff or the building’s integral A.I. control system.

Typical Residential Floor

Talking rock tower floorplan

Talking Rock Tower

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