You can find the Armor and Weapons spreadsheet here.

Armatech Infinity Biosuit

Armatech_Biosuit.png Designed to compete with the SK Biosuit as the premier space-suit suitable for light asteroid surveying/exploration and more importantly, space tourism, the Armatech Infinity is a suit of form-fitting space-rated gel designed to recycle body waste and heat encased in sleeve of very light monocrys, add puncture resistant gloves, high performance footwear and a space-rated helmet, and you are ready for the ultimate extreme experience – Orbital Adventure Sports!
Options: Space Rated, SSP, WRCS
Type Locations DR Cost Weight LC Notes
Armatech Infinity Spacewear body 12/4* $12,000 12 3 1
Infintiy Gloves Hands 4 2 4
Infinity Boots Feet 6/3 3 4 [8,9] Smartgrip
Infinity Helmet Head 20/10 5 4 Glare Resistant, Hearing Protection, Infrared Optics, HUD

Armatech Orbital Combat Armor

Orbital_Combat_Armor.png When the challenge was issued for a non-battlesuit infantry armor that could be utilized in any environment, Armatech stepped up and delivered the Armatech Orbital Combat Armor, a complete suit of articulated and pressurized plate armor that includes biomedical sensors, waste relief and full space support.
Options: Tactical Harness, SSP, BMS, WRS, Space Rated, Provision Dispenser
Type Locations DR Cost Weight LC Notes
Armatech Orbital Combat Armor Body 40/20 $41,000 50 2 [3,5]
OCA Gauntlets Hands 20 2 2 3
OCA Boots feet 20/40 10 2 3 Magnetic Soles, Hiking Support.
OCA Helmet head 40/30 10 2 [6,7] Glare Resistant, Hearing Protection, Infrared Optics, HUD.

Dinamika Star Walker Deep Space Suit

Dinamika_Star_Walker.jpg The standard of industrial space work, the Dinamika Star Walker Deep Space Suit is by far the most common Vacc Suit in space – used everywhere from maintenance on satellites and ground-walks on asteroids, moons and the Mars mission to tasks on the hull of the Hightower Habitat. The Reflex-reinforced ballistic fabric is very resistant to cuts and punctures, and the suit is built with a host of integral space survival systems, including it’s iconic indicator lights made of smart-fabric and Smart-glass bubble helm.
Options: Space-Rated, SSP, BMS, WRCS
Type Locations DR Cost Weight LC Notes
Dinamika Star Walker Deep Space Suit body 20/10* $10,00 35 2 1
Star Walker Gloves Hands 10/5* .4 3 [1,20
Star Walker Boots Feet 6/3 3 4 [8,9] Rigidized
Star Walker Bubble Helm Head 20 Glare Resistance, HUD

Hallinan Exosuit

Hallinan_Exosuit.jpg Tired of traversing those high-gravity environments? Are those containment capsules too heavy to lift? Need assistance getting back to the ship because you are unconscious? Problem Solved! The thired generation Hallinan Exosuit is here. With it’s low-profile exoskeleton and synthetic muscle technology, the Hallinan can reduce gravitational burdens, augment strength, and be remotely controlled or auto-piloted
Options: Space Rated, Biomedical Sensors, Provisions Dispenser, SSP, WRS; Vacc Propulsion
Type Locations DR Cost Weight LC Notes
Hallinan Exosuit Body except Head 30/20 $55,000 60 2 5
Hallinan Boots Feet 30/20 3 4 [8,9] Magnetic Soles, Hiking Support.
Hallinan Bubble Helm Head 20 Glare Resistance, HUD

GenTech Nanoweave Vacc Suit

Gentech_Nanoweave_Vacc_Suit.jpg Cheap and dependable continue to be the Gentech standards. The GenTech Nanoweave Vacc Suit is a heavy suit of nanoweave, sealed and shielded against the hazards of space. While it doesn’t have the bells-and-whistles of some suits, the GenTech Nanoweave Vacc Suit fully rated to fulfill your space-faring needs.
Options: Space Rated, SSP, WRS
Type Locations DR Cost Weight LC Notes
Gentech Nanoweave Vacc Suit body 16* $9,000 30 2
Vacc Suit Face Plate Face 20 1 4 Glare Resistant

Synthomesh Spacer Skin

Skinsuit.jpg This flexible “living” counterpressure vacc suit resembles a form-fitting jumpsuit. Made of smart bioplastic, it absorbs sunlight and recycles waste, giving it an extended air supply. A small belt pack contains the air needed for recycling and a power pack to supplement the solar power system.
The space biosuit is self-sealing for punctures up to an inch in diameter, and more extensive damage is slowly repaired. It is powered by the user’s body heat and lives off his waste products. The suit also includes flexible bioplas gloves and a transparent hood-helmet, which are stored in the belt pack when not in use. These meld seamlessly with the suit when worn. No clothing or armor can be worn under a space biosuit.
The suit is sealed with the hood on, providing climate control (-459° F to 250°F), pressure support up to 10 atmospheres, and vacuum support.
Options: Sealed, Vacc Support, Space Rated, WRCS, Special (see Description
Type Locations DR Cost Weight LC Notes
Synthomesh Spacer Skin All but face 2* $15,000 4 4 2
Spacer Skin Face Mask face 20 1 4 Glare Resistant

Skafander-Kosmiczny BioSuit

Skafander-kosmiczny-BioSuit.jpg Lighter and more versatile than traditional space-walker suites, the SK Biosuit was originally designed for light exploration on Mars, but quickly found a niche among space tourists. A form-fitting suit of space-rated gel encased in smart-fabric recycles body-waste and heat, supplementing the suits life-support systems.
Options: Space Rated, BMS, SSP, WRCS,
Type Locations DR Cost Weight LC Notes
Skafander-Kosmiczny BioSuit entire Body except head 6 $10,000 10 3
SK Slippers Feat ^ ^ ^ ^ 4 Smartgrip
SK Bio-Helm Head 20 Glare Resistance, HUD

Void-Runner Prototype

voidrunner.jpg When the Hub held paramilitary games with the intention of finding holes in the physical security of their orbital headquarters, every contractor with even remote connection to manufacturing space-rated equipment dove at the chance to compete for a bid. A popular favorite in the light combat space-armor category was the Void-Runner, as sleek suit of sealed and shielded Reflex fabric matched to combat boots and a tactical helmet – unfortunately, several crates of this armor went missing from the first shipment out of Night City – the black market, specifically the Gray Auction, but what would a bunch of Earth-bound criminals want with a few crates worth of space suits?
Options: Space Rated, SSP, WRS,
Type Locations DR Cost Weight LC Notes
Voidrunner Vacc Suit Body except Head 20/10* $11,500 25 2 1
Void Boots Feet 6/3 3 4 [8,9], Rigidized, Space Rated
Void-Runner Helm Head 20/30 5 2 Glare Resistant, Hearing Protection, Infrared Optics, HUD


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