Outlaw Dead

Outlaw dead

Outlaw Dead

Organization Type/Specialties: Nomad Pack
Assets: $300,000
Monthly Net Revenue: $17,500
Employees/Members: 2,000

Societal Position: Typical Resources
Rank: Nomad, 3/level, Maximum 4.
Rivals: Other Nomad Tribes, Badlands Settlements

Important Facilities

None Known

BAD Modifiers

Security: 2
Digital Security: 0
Competence: 2
Knowledge: 1


The Outlaw Dead are typical of the kind of nomad pack who don’t affiliate to one of the three great nations, because they live by pillaging and killing anyone they come across – even other nomads. They are the bastard offspring of survivalist bands and biker gangs who roam the badlands on cycles and buggies cobbled together from salvaged spare parts, living often short and always violent lives.

The Outlaw Dead keep well away from the great winter meets of the Midwestern Nomad Nation, preferring instead to infiltrate in smaller groups into Chi-Pitts or The Sprawl over winter, there to stock up on food, weapons, spares and cyberware. They travel in raiding parties or “Chapters” of between 50 and 300 members, depending on expected targets, and rarely come together as one united pack – but all hold allegiance to their head, The Outlaw King. A persistent threat to others in the Badlands, at least unlike some of the roving groups of Nameless, the unorganized rabble of wanderers who make up around half of the travelling population of the region, they won’t try to eat you after they rape and kill you.

Outlaw Dead

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