Ottoman Casino Hotel

Ottoman casino hotel

The Ottoman is one of Night City’s landmark buildings, a massive monument to hedonism and pleasure standing at the meeting point of the Core district and the Vimes Hill red light area, on the main road leading to affluent Bay Point. It’s unique design and garish lighting scheme makes it a beacon for locals to guide by while both its luxurious interior and reputation make it a flame to which the world’s Glitterati flock like moths. The hotel is owned by none other than Friedlander Bey, the notorious “Emir”, crime-lord of North Night City.

The hotel itself stands in its own plaza area, taking up an entire city block, and rises to sixty high-ceilinged floors, a total of 1200 feet into Night City’s sky. There are also six sub-levels, including underground plant and garaging. All told there are 350 guest suites.

The ground floor and the next six upwards are the lobby, entertainment and main casino floors, providing unparalleled opportunity to gamble for high stakes at holo-slots, roulette, blackjack, craps, mah-jhong, poker,and a dozen other games of chance or skill. Private rooms are available for parties of up to 200. Above that are another eight floors of hotel amenities including indoor tennis courts, a gymnasium and fitness centre, and several pools. There are four theaters, seating between 100 and 700, and a dozen bar areas, as well as a choice of eight gourmet restaurants and a hi-fashion mini-mall. The rest of the lower half of the vast building comprises 12 floors, mostly guest suites, although the 19th floor is taken up by the Bazaar Nightclub, a hang-out for trendy socialites and rich young Glitterati, and there is a conference room as well as private business meeting rooms, an open-plan office area and a staffed sauna/spa on each floor.

The building then has a narrower “waist” of six floors total, which include the AV landing pads, garaging and maintenance for the hotels richest clientelle, as well as the main hotel offices, security and some residential rooms for key staff.

Ottoman milehigh club

Finally, the upper half of the hotel rises another 26 floors to a roof garden, infinity pool and bar – as well as the penthouse suite which is Bey’s private residence. This section includes a set of VIP landing areas for AVs, and the “Milehigh Club” perhaps the most famed and expensive entertainment establishment in the core area, as well as facilities similiar to the lower floors only with even more luxurious decor. The whole is capped by a two-floor high array of communications, sensor and automatic defensive electronics which would do grace to a major military’s headquarters.

Bey owns the Ottoman entirely in his own name as a private individual, and has always been on time with payments to his bankers and investors for the casino and hotel. Although construction cost $600 million, and running costs are around $20 million each year, the excellent amenities, reputation and service at the Ottoman enure it is highly profitable. He seems to keep the books and staff entirely separate from his less legitimate businesses and his Imazighen private army, for despite several investigations by both the NCPD and snooping journalists with top-notch hackers in tow, no-one has ever found even a whiff of wrong-doing about the hotel itself.

Gambling floors

Ottoman floorshow

Ottoman open office area

Ottoman infinity pool

Ottoman vip suite

Ottoman emir s penthouse

Floorplan Key
Lower Building
1. Ground Level Entry and Facilities
2. Main Casino
3 – 6. Casino Mezzanine Floors
7. Main Theaters
8. Fitness Amenities
9 – 15. Conference/Function Rooms (Identical in general layout to theater level, subs. multi-function configurable rooms for theaters)
16-18. Guest Rooms and Suites
19. Bazaar Nightclub
20 – 27. Guest Rooms and Suites

Waist Section
28 – 33. AV Hangar Space, Offices, Dorms, Central Security and Computing

Upper Building
34 – 59. Guest Suites, VIP Suites.
60. Garden, Roof Pool, Restaurants and Bars, Owner’s Penthouse

Ottoman Casino Hotel

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