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Listed here are organizations that don’t fit under any other classification – including criminal organizations.

Black Toenail Gang

The Black Toenail Gang is a Booster Clade from the Keller Canyon side of The Shambles, a combat zone and shantytown in Night City Core which occupies two sprawling factory complexes left derelict for decades now. The gang members run drugs and weapons, demand protection from Canyon businesses and often hire out as mercenary muscle. The latter has led to rumors that they’re a Puppet Clade for some well-connected corporate behind the scenes. The Black Toenails have a definite Nihilist tendency and a strong anarchist element to their clade philosophy.

Black Sky Pack

he Black Sky Pack are a group of some 500 or so nomads encompassing about a dozen extended families and are part of the Midwestern Nomad Nation. Their origins lie in a US Air Force heavy-lift airship unit which deserted en-masse during the Militia Wars and adapted to an independent nomadic lifestyle. The Black Sky Pack survives by being flexible: one week they could be providing heavy lift capacity for a construction project, the next week they could be flying cargo or contraband from one city to another, the next their matte-black craft could be descending on a Badlands settlement as air pirates out to loot and steal.

Coyote Tribe

The Coyote Tribe are an extended tribe of Nomads found in family groups throughout the Mid-West and count themselves part of the Midwestern Nomad Nation. Numbering some 800,000 all told, they split into Packs of some 200-1,200 people for traveling, only congregating once every year at the great Snowbird gathering in the desert around Rising Free City in the former Arizona, where the eight million or so nomads of their nation gather for the worst of winter. As their name suggests, the Coyote Tribe have incorporated many Native American motifs and ways of thinking into their clade’s ethos – albeit leavened generously with some New Age mysticism and a hard-nosed libertarian/survivalist edge.

Desiderium Cartel

The Desiderium Cartel is a street level enterprise run with a poise and finesse rarely seen outside the MegaCorps. It is run more like a family than a gang – its members living in a communal facility. More curious, the small cartel seems to have minor ties to the Megacorps, or at the least superb knowledge of how they work. Desiderium is run like a business and the arms and armor of its members reflect that, quiet and only semi-lethal, “We Sell Death – We Do Not Make It” being a common moto. This odd organization with a Old World feel is said to be run by the Candyman – an enigmatic being with an inhuman understanding of markets…it is a wonder why the Corps did not snap him up long ago.

Filipino Mafia

Organized Crime Task-forces laugh at the thought of calling the Filipino Mafia an actual mafia – it is a loose network of favors and glad-handing deals that stretches into every country with a port, sea or air. While the Filipino Mafia mostly deals with securing comfortable positions within other organizations for their members, they do deal with criminal youth gangs and exploit loyalty for criminal benefit. The Filipino Mafia isn’t a direct criminal threat like most mafias – their power is a lot more subtle: 25% of the worlds medical, engineering and transportation professionals have a loose connection to the Filipino Mafia, as well as 30% of the US Navy! Above all, the Filipino Mafia stresses a respectable image with low-risk, high-reward networking their primary MO.

The First People

The First People are the largest tribe of the Midwestern Nomad Nation and are typical of Nomad tribes, being a fairly loose collective of Packs organized around a central ideal – living in harmony with a deified idea of earth, in order to heal it and themselves spiritually. Much of the Tribe’s ideology is taken from pre-Collapse eco-warriors and New Age travelers but it has then been liberally added to from Native American practises and with Australian Aboriginal motifs (such as the “walkabout” and “Dreamland”) as well as accretions from transhumanism and elsewhere.


The Imazighen is the private army of Reformed Moslem street fighters, criminals and technical specialists formed by Friedlander Bey during his rise to power as the top boss in organized crime for the North Core area of Night City. They are fanatically loyal to “The Emir”. Their symbol can be found tagged on buildings in their area, as a tattoo on members or as a sticker on vehicles. If you see one of those stickers in a store window or by the till, you might want to think twice about robbing the place – it pays protection to The Emir and his troops are zealous in hunting down freelancers who infringe on their turf.

Outlaw Dead

The Outlaw Dead are typical of the kind of nomad pack who don’t affiliate to one of the three great nations, because they live by pillaging and killing anyone they come across – even other nomads. They are the bastard offspring of survivalist bands and biker gangs who roam the badlands on cycles and buggies cobbled together from salvaged spare parts, living often short and always violent lives.

Sumanting Clan

The Sumanting Clan isn’t an organized gang as much as a collection of hoods with a family connection, they have a loose affliation with the Filipino Mafia, but are not directly sanctioned or controlled by them – in fact, while some are Obero in the Filipino Mafia, many members of the Sumanting Clan are also members of other gangs! Although there are many of them, they are rarely together in large groups.

Royal English Resistance AKA White Mice

The Royal English Resistance, also known as the White Mice, is a worldwide network of those loyal to the remnants of the British royal family who were deposed in a coup in 2017. Although many of the original ringleaders – ex-military, aristocrats or resourceful loyal subjects – are now dead or in advanced old age, they have ensured that a new generation takes their place in the constant counter-revolutionary struggle. The R.E.R. is headquartered somewhere in Europe – possibly Gibraltar or Malta – but operates a cell structure with “brigades” on every continent, channeling arms and funds back to resistance units in England and across the globe who carry out terrorist strikes on the British Republic and corporations who are too obvious in aiding it.

Wo Shing Wo

The Wo Shing Wo is one of the oldest surviving Triad groups, now more than a century old. They have gone through a number of money making methods throughout the years – extortion, drugs, resale of stolen goods, and resale of digital piracy. These days, they run a fairly diversified operation, calling on a bit of everything to keep their revenue stream competative against the more specialized criminal groups.

Liberación Del Pueblo

A resistance group fighting for the freedom of Native Americans?

Los Zetas

The Los Zetas (Zetas, Zs) is a powerful and violent criminal syndicate in Mexico, and was considered by the former U.S. government to be the “most technologically advanced, sophisticated, and dangerous cartel operating in Mexico.” The origins of Los Zetas date back to 1999, when commandos of the Mexican Army’s elite forces deserted their ranks and decided to work as the armed wing of the Gulf Cartel, a powerful drug trafficking organization. In February 2010, Los Zetas broke away from their former employer and formed their own criminal organization.

Tambov Syndicate

The Tambov Syndicate from Saint Petersburg in Russia is a relatively recent arrival among Russian crime groups in the US. Unlike the Los Angeles AP-13 Armenians or San Fransisco’s Odessan Syndicate, who had a strong presence in those areas during the last century, the Tambovs moved into Night City post-Collapse and rapidly established themselves in the poorer, industrial Southside areas of Shadelands and Mount Diablo. The Night City Tambov Syndicate are the Imagizhen’s main rivals in the Core area.

23 enigma

23 enigma is a shadowy clade described as anarcho-nihilist terrorists by authorities. Their numbers and leadership are unknown.

“There is no governor anywhere; you are all absolutely free. There is no restraint that cannot be escaped. We are all absolutely free. If everybody could go into dhyana at will, nobody could be controlled — by fear of prison, by fear of whips or electroshock, by fear of death, even. All existing society is based on keeping those fears alive, to control the masses. Ten people who know would be more dangerous than a million armed anarchists.”

From the 23 Enigma manifesto “Immanentize the Eschaton”.

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