Population: 1.2 Million (Prior to Bombing)


Terrain: Plains/Woodlands, Irradiated
Appearance: Unattractive
Hygiene: -2

Culture And Economy

Language: English
Literacy: Native
TL: 9
Wealth: Not Available
Status: Not Available

Political Environment

Government: Anarchy
CR: 0
Military Resources: Unknown
Defense Bonus: +4


In the first few decades of the 21st century, Omaha, Nebraska was starting to see an industrial and technology company boom, fueled by a major expansion at Offut Air Force Base; already a primary node in ‘continuation of government’ plans complete with a bunker designed to be able to run the entire country in the event of a major disaster in Washington, D.C., Offut was chosen to be used as a test-bed for an automated defense network. This entailed the installation of several defensive emplacements such as anti-air missile sites, but the true boom came when they began rolling out automated vehicles and manufacturing facilities capable of autonomously repair, replace, and update systems. The high-tech nature of the development at Offut spilled out into the rest of Omaha, and things seemed to be going good.

Then the Militia Wars started. At first, Offut provided protection to the rest of Omaha from the war, but then in 2039, two years into the Militia Wars, the violence began to spill into Omaha’s streets when a militia group detonated a series of charges that leveled four of the largest office buildings in the city. The violence in Omaha only began to escalate, and in 2040 a major militia offensive began to be waged against Omaha and the Offut Air Force Base; at the peak of the violence, some 15,000 militia soldiers were believed to be in the area, and it seemed like Omaha would soon be lost.

And then the missile came; on November 3, 2040, a nuclear missile detonated over Omaha, the explosion wiping out the militia contingent assaulting the city along with some 450,000 citizens in the initial blast and over one million citizens through secondary effects like radiation poisoning and sickness. The Militia Wars ended almost immediately, as all sides were shocked out of their positions by the shear destruction.


Since the nuking, Omaha has remained uninhabited. This isn’t just due to the radioactive fallout (which is significant), but also because something happened when the nuke hit – and the entire region is now constantly in a ‘blackout’. A massive radio jamming effect is evident in the region, preventing any signals from getting out. Further, any planes that fly over it never make it out, and orbiting satellites that point their cameras at it wind up blinded by laser dazzlers. The whole region is basically considered a black hole.

The general assumption is that the Offut automated defense network survived the nuclear blast and is taking defensive measures, but it’s all guesswork.

There are also a large number of rumors about what is contained in Offut – things range from a working volitional AI and a detailed description of how it was constructed to nuclear launch codes for the myriad of nuclear missiles currently int he Badlands to simply millions of dollars in pre-Militia Wars military equipment. It’s very inhospitableness makes it a tempting target for ’get rich quick ’schemes.


None as yet.


Offut AFB


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