North California Free State (NorCal)


The Northern California Free State

Population: 23 Million (Search +3)


Terrain: Plains, Hills.
Appearance: Normal
Hygiene: +1

Culture And Economy

Language: English, Spanish, Chinese
Literacy: Native
TL: 9
Wealth: Average
Status: -2 to 8

Political Environment

Government: Representative Democracy
CR: 3 (Corruption -1)
Military Resources: $3.5 Billion
Defense Bonus: +4


NorCal, along with Texas, was one of the first Free States to seceed from the old United States during the early years of The Collapse, becoming independent by popular referendum in 2018.


Most people ignore the rest of the Free State of North California and consider only the sprawling Night City megapolis, with it’s population of 18 million, which dominates the state. However, the rest of NorCal has a population of 4.5 million spread across more than 25,000 square miles of territory in small towns and arcologies, each with a distinct character. Every winter, from November to February, the population is further swelled by an influx of as many as 2 million Nomads, coming to settle at winter camps around Yosimite, the Shasta Cascade and North Coast and in some of the many "ghost towns’ left over from the Collapse, while the rest of their 12 million strong “Alocado Nation” move further South into SoCal. These travellers keep to themselves, in the main, although there are always tensions with year-round inhabitants.

Politically, SoCal is split up into counties from each of which a Senator is elected to the 48 strong State Senate, each serving four years. The post of President is largely ceremonial and concerned with the smooth running of the Senate as well as PR duties. The Senate as a whole appoints (or dismisses) a Comptroller who runs a professional, non-elected civil service – usually a revolving-door for Corporate interests. Senators then take individual oversight rolls as Department Heads, with their Deputy Heads being the actual people doing most of the work. The Night City Council sends two observers to the State Senate, and the Senate reciprocates with observers of its own at the City Council, while the two bodies work as closely as politics allows on issues affecting the entire State.

The climate is Mediterranean, with warm, dry summers and rainy winters. Pollution combined with cooler ocean air often creates the dense fogs for which the city is famous; the GM should treat the fog as having some level of Obscure (Vision) (p. B72), up to nine levels at times in some places, and often with some Toxic affect. Snow is all but unheard of in this warmer modern climate. Earthquakes are a continual though sporadic natural hazard, and all structures over 10 meters tall must comply with stringent building codes to ensure limited property damage.

The population is diverse; 38% caucasian, 39% hispanic and nearly 20% Asian with a small population of Native American, Pacific islander and others. 40% of the population is foreign-born.

The state having no natural national enemies likely to attack, the NorCal military is essentially synonymous with the Night City P.D., augmented by reservist units who are “weekend militia” soldiers who can be called upon at need.


Night City

North California Free State (NorCal)

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