Night City Metro Police Department


Night City Metro Police Department

Organization Type/Specialties: Law Enforcement
Assets: $1.6B
Monthly Net Revenue: $27 Million
Employees/Members: 40,000

Societal Position: Typical Resources, Legitimate
Rank: Police, 4/Level, Max 7
Rivals: Various corpcop firms

Rank Table
Rank Title Cost
0 Officer 0
1 Sergeant/Detective 4
2 Lieutenant 8
3 Captain 12
4 Inspector 16
5 Deputy Chief 20
6 Department Chief 24
7 Police Commissioner 28

Important Facilities

NCPD Headquarters, Core, Night City
NCPD Correctional Hospital, Shadelands, Night City
Precinct Towers, one in all major areas of the city

BAD Modifiers

Security: 2
Digital Security: 2
Competence: 0
Knowledge: 2


Night City Metro Police Department are, like all such megacity law enforcement divisions, a huge and complex organization with a sizeable budget. They’re also – again, like every other force of their kind – overworked, underpaid and plagued by corruption from the highest to lowest ranks. NCMP is organized into Area and Precinct forces, the former correspoding roughly to the old pre-amalgamation cities of the pre-Collapse years and the latter to post-Collapse social and development boundaries. They are headquartered in the Justice Tower in the heart of Night City’s Core Precinct. They have no jurisdiction in Corporate Zones other than that offered as a courtesy by the ruling Sovereign – a source of continual friction between NCMP and corporate cops.

NCPD have access to a lot of equipment, as suits their remit of patrolling and conducting law enforcement in evry part of the city not covered by corporate security. The make use of ground cars, armored vans, AVs, gunships, powered armor, drones and droids to get the maximum effect out of their always-short manpower.

Police av and drone

Night City Metro Police Department

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