New Dodge

New dodge settlement

New Dodge

Population: 2,700 (Search -1)


Terrain: Semi-arid Plains
Appearance: Unattractive
Hygiene: 0

Culture And Economy

Language: English, Spanish
Literacy: Accented
TL: 7
Wealth: Struggling
Status: -2 to 5

Political Environment

Government: Feudal
CR: 2 (Corruption -1)
Military Resources: $48,600
Defense Bonus: +4


New Dodge stands on the site of the old Fort Dodge, founded in 1864 to protect the growing town of Dodge City, famous from stories of the Old Wild West. It lies 5 miles due east of the ruins of the old city at an elevation of 2,464 feet, hard by the Arkansas River. The old fort became a home for retired soldiers in 1890, and continued as a US Veteran’s Administration facility right up until the Collapse.

During the early days of the gen-Nu Virus outbreak, the facility was re-purposed as a CDC refugee center, before falling vacant as the virus and subsequent plagues devastated the region. However, soon after the outbreak of the Militia Wars in 2037, a local militia group moved into the ruins and began to rebuild and fortify them as a headquarters and supply base.

From that beginning the community of New Dodge began to grow, as the militia morphed into a feudal warlord and his satraps lording it over a population of merchant traders, subsistence farmers and nomadic travelers looking for a rest-stop.


Today, Mayor Jeff McGruder is in all ways a petty king, lording it via his hereditary barons over an area about the size of an old European dark-ages kingdom – i.e. about as far as his troops can cover in one-day-out-one-day-back patrols. His nobles may be called Ranchers but just like the Mayor they hold hereditary positions, handed down to the eldest offspring, and keep a coterie of “Militiamen” as men-at-arms. The town doesn’t have the resources or money to keep up with modern technology, and while TL8 and TL9 gear can be found it is both rare and expensive – most indigenously produced stuff is TL7.

New Dodge itself separates into two distinct parts – the Settlement is enclosed by sheet metal and rammed-dirt walls and includes the refurbished buildings of the old hospital – including seven dormitories, the Post Commander’s Building (now the Mayoral residence) and 70 cottages as well as shops and storage buildings. The Settlement is where the richer and more powerful live. Beyond that on the South and Eastward sides lie the Shanty, a confused jumble of shacks and stalls made from ad-hoc materials – a place that rivals even old Dodge City in its reputation.

New dodge shanty


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New Dodge

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