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Mornington is a district in the Pleasant Hills area, close to Pleasant Hills North maglev station, which has been specifically constructed and landscaped to look almost as if it were almost two hundred years old – a homage to Victorian London but complete with steampunk motifs and integrated modern technology. Mornington was designed and built by a consortium of rich developers and investors from the Victoriana Clade known as the Ruskin Commonwealth Society.

Population: 125,000 (Search +3)

Terrain: Plains,
Appearance: Attractive (Quaint)
Hygiene: +1
No Mana (No Enchantment)

Culture And Economy
Language: English, Punjabi
Literacy: Native
TL: 9 (Steampunk “look”)
Wealth: Comfortable
Status: 0 to 5

Political Environment
Government: Meritocracy, Municipality
CR: 4 (Corruption -2)
Military Resources: $80 million (Wirlwind Security’s budget from the Enclave)
Defense Bonus: +5

Notable Locations, Personalities and Groups

Buchanan Gallery
Ruskin Commonwealth Society
British Consulate
Waterford Auditorium
Charlotte Gilman, Chair of the Commonwealth Society

The Society still owns all of the land and most of the property in Morningside, and tenants must abide by a code of conduct that exemplifies the Vitoriana ethics of the Clade and the district. Entry to the Society, which functions as the enclave’s local government, is technically by merit based on a series of “civil service exams” but all too often rich Victorianans bribe their way in. Legal Codes are more harsh in Mornington, especially for ranged weapons carrying and obvious cyberware, than just about anywhere else in the city outside of corporate enclaves – however the open carrying of melee weapons is legal and for some absolutely required by social status. The local by-laws are rigorously enforced by five hundred Whirlwind Security personnel dressed in Society-designed uniforms. The picturesque nature of the district and the relative safety of both the locals and visitors have continued to be a draw over the years and the district flourishes. The local mall, The Buchanan Gallery, is famous for its ambience and its shopping quality. The only opera house in the Night City Core region, the Waterford Auditorium, is another prominent attraction to the enclave.

The Mornington district is also the location of the NorCal Consulate of the British Republic.

Buchanan gallery mall


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