Mons Ferrum

Toenail fort

Located close to the Southern edge of the Shambles combat zone, the Toenail Tower used to be the headquarters of the Black Toenail Gang until they were ousted recently by a team of edgerunners which included Candyman, leader of the Desiderium cartel. The cartel is now renovating the tower for it’s own use as a strategic hold controlling a significant part of the Shambles, sandwiching the high-density area known as The Gray between this tower and the Desiderium HQ.

Security Details:

Armored Doors: DR 100

Complex Locks: -4 to skill

Electronic Locks: Scanlock

External Defense Globes: Nonlethal (Sonic emitters and tanglers)

Internal Defense Globes: Lethal (Shotguns and Light Flechette Carbines)

Employees: Several hundred Desiderium call Mons Ferrum home, overseen by the Aequitas and her personal staff of ten ‘Brothers’.

Mons Ferrum

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