Workroom minifac

Minifacs are integrated small-unit production lines incorporating industrial 3-D printers and robotic assembly lines to produce product “on demand”. Minifacs have revolutionized manufacturing in the world of 2050, enabling many different items to be made at the point of sale rather than being shipped to wholesalers and retaillers. The most common outlets for minifac-produced goods PCs will come across are probably the Shopping Wall stores which are increasingly taking the place of small stores in megacities.

A workshop-sized unit can fabricate $50 or 1 lb. of product per hour. It adds +3 (quality) to Machinist skill. $50,000, 100 lbs., external power. LC4.

Industrial 3d printer

A big gadget built piecemeal from smaller modules usually takes an additional hour of work (and an appropriate Armoury, Electronics Repair, or Mechanic skill roll) to put together per $1,000 it cost, multiplied by the number of modules used. Some parts such as armor plate and weapon barrels only retain full structural integrity if produced as single units. It is up to the GM whether any large device can be effectively assembled from modules or not.


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