Liquid Projectors

Liquid Projectors

Liquid Projectors are devices of various size that spay concentrated chemicals at a short range. Liquid Projectors are common both among concerned citizens and police/security forces looking to take the fight out a rowdy target. Most Liquid Projectors must strike the face to have full strength (see below), but they Spray Effect negates the target penalty. When another body part is successfully targeted for some reason and the target is not wearing armor, the target needs only to roll the HT check vs. Pain. A sealed face mask will protect against a Personal Sprayer to the face, but cyber-eyes do not, as it attacks mucus-membranes. Most Liquid Projectors come with a powerful skin dye for no additional cost.

The Sprayers

Backpack Sprayer

The Backpack Sprayer is a simple plastic tank holding a large amount of liquid to be pumped through a small hose via a simple electrical pump. It is most commonly used by civilians to pump pesticides or other chemicals, but military/security teams (and criminals) have been known to fill the tanks with more useful chemicals. A Tank holds 100 doses of chemicals.
Backpack sprayer

Pocket Aerosol

A tiny canister using aerosol to project a single dose of chemical, the pocket aerosol fits on a keychain and is easily concealable. The Pocket Aerosol spray be disguised as a simple item, such as lipstick, at no additional cost, or built into a functioning device, such as a palm-phone for the cost of the device plus twice the standard cost of the sprayer.
Pocket sprayer

Spray Can

The size of a can of bug-spray, the Spray Can is a common item holding up to 10 doses of chemicals.
Bear foam

Spray Tank

A heavy, pressurized tank of chemicals with a short hose attached that is able to be worn as a backpack. The Tank is DR 10, but is under pressure: any penetrating damage can rupture it, releasing the entire store of chemicals. This has the same effect as a 100mm biochemical warhead (UT153). Spray tanks are often integrated into buildings as part of their security systems.
Sprayer tank


Designed for easy portability for use by campers, mobile security and safety conscious drivers, the mini-tank is – as it’s name implies – a miniature version of the standard spray tank. Like the spray tank, it’s contents are under pressure, treat a rupture as a 40mm warhead (UT153).
Mini tank

Spray Concentrating Gun

Spray concentrating pistol
A Simple plastic pistol-like device that concentrates the contents of a spray can, allowing greater range at the cost of reducing the amount of available doses. A Spray Concentrating Gun is most common among deep wilderness survivors in areas like Alaska, where extra range keeping a polar bear at bay might be necessary, but it has it’s occasional use by forces trying to non-lethally subdue a target at greater range – of course, this leads to higher instances of spraying bystanders.

Underbarrel Sprayer

A Liquid Projector that can be clamped under the barrel of a rifle or other long arm in place of a grenade launcher, holding 6 doses of chemicals. Use the Bulk, ST, and sighting bonuses of the weapon it is installed in.

The Sprays

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is a concoction of highly concentrated natural oils and pepper extract that delivers a blinding, gagging, painful reaction, usually turning the victim into a crying, coughing mess of snot and tears. The Victim must make 3 HT-5 rolls: the First vs. Coughing (B428), the Second vs Blinding (B128) and the Third vs Severe Pain (B428); Pepper Spray to any location other than the Face has the pain reduced by half. The Effects of pepper spray last into the affected area is thoroughly washed and toweled off. Three shots of pepper spray can be shot in the air to create 1 hex area cloud that lasts 10 seconds indoors, but is quickly dissipated by strong winds. Cost is capacity x$2 in addition to the sprayer.


Stoppit is the common name for a host of industrial personal sprayer chemicals of various brand names. Like Pepper Spray, Stoppit requires 3 HT rolls, but for Stoppit, the rolls are HT-3 for the coughing and blindness, but Severe Pain is automatic on a successfully face it, a HT-3 roll reduces the pain to Moderate. Stoppit lasts for 1 round + 1x Margin of Failure rounds. Stoppit is not as powerful as Pepper Spray, but it always has effect on a successfully hit. Three shots of Stoppit can be shot in the air to create 1 hex area cloud that lasts 10 seconds indoors, but is quickly dissipated by strong winds. Cost is capacity x$3 in addition to the sprayer.

Bear Foam

Originally designed as a deterrent for bears, bear foam is a incredibly powerful foam that inflicts excruciating pain onto the victim, as well as gagging and blinding them. The victim must make 3 HT-5 rolls: the First vs. Coughing (B428), the Second vs Blinding (B128) and the Third vs Agony (B428); Bear Foam to any location has the pain reduced to Severe. The Effects of Bear Foam last until thoroughly washed and toweled off, and victim will be -2 to any vision and -5 to any sense of smell checks for 13-HT Days after a face hit. Each shot of Bear Foam counts as 3 doses of spray for capacity purposes. Bear Foam is too heavy to form a cloud. Cost is capacity x$8 in addition to the sprayer.

Fire Foam

Thick white foam used to smother fires. Puts out any fires doing less than 2d damage and temporarily reduces the damage of larger fires 3d seconds. Each shot of Fire Foam counts as 3 doses of spray for capacity purposes. Cost is capacity x$1 in addition to the sprayer.

Liquid Projector (Easy; Defaults to DX-4)
Weapon Damage Acc Range Weight RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC
Backpack Projector Special (2yrds) 3 30 12/12p 1 100(5) 10† -4 1 $1,200/See Above 3/2
Pocket Aerosol Special Jet 1 0.1 1 1 1 -1 1 $10/See Above 4
Spray Can Special (1yrd) Jet 2 1/0.5 1 10(5) 2 -2 1 $25/See Above 4
Spray Tank Special (1yrd) Jet 3 8/5 1 30(5) 4 -4 1 $400/See Above 4
Mini-Tank Special (1yrd) Jet 3 4/2 1 6 2 -3 1 $100/See Above 4
Spray Concentrating Gun Special (3yrd) Jet 9 1.5/Can 1 1/3can 3 -2 1 $115/See Above 4
Underbarrel Sprayer Special (1yrds) 2 20/40 5/3 1 6(5) 1 $150/See Above 3
linked 1d-3cr dkb

Liquid Projectors

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