The following optional charts can be used by the GM and his players to to add more detail to the process of explaining the ups and downs of character life. Assume a character is 14 +2d6 years old and make one roll on the chart per year, starting at age 16. If a particular result does not correspond to a player’s character concept, feel free to disregard it and roll (or pick) again.


1 : You Get Lucky (Table 2)
2 : Disaster Strikes! (Table 3)
3: Nothing Happens That Year


2: Snake Eyes! You made a killing on your last job (Gain 5cp in Cash, see Trading Points for Money), but at a cost. Roll on the Disaster table.
3: Gain a Contact (5cp “Contact,” can be raised with extra cp, Generate on FE&C Table)
4: Big Score! (Gain 2cp in Cash, see Trading Points For Money)
5: You Haz Skillz (Gain 1 cp in a new skill)
6: Someone Owes You A Favor (1cp Favor, Generate who from on FE&C Table)
7: Financial Gain (Gain 1cp in Cash, see Trading Points For Money)
8: Befriend Group (Gain “Brotherhood” Perk for one narrow group of potential foes.)
9: Make A New Friend (Gain a “Friend” Perk. Generate on FE&C Table)
10: Learn A New Language or Skill (+ 2cp. Either Spoken (Accented) only or Spoken/Written (Broken))
11: I owe you, man! (You gain 5cp to spend on an Ally)
12: Pulled Off Something Impressive (+1 Reputation)

DISASTER STRIKES! – TABLE 3 (Roll 2D6 and Pray)

2: Make An Enemy (-10 points, Generate on FE&C Table)
3: Blamed For Something (-1 Reputation)
4: You Owe Someone A Favor (Duty FR6, once only, – 2cp. Generate on FE&C Table)
5: Poor Impulse Control (Gain a – 2 point Compulsive Behavior at CR15)
6: In Debt (One level of Debt — Pay Now, or Pay Later!)
7: Addiction (Gain a Quirk level Minor Addiction)
8: Stands Out In The Crowd (Gain a -1 point Distinctive Feature)
9: Weakened Immune System (Gain a -1 point Susceptibility to an Occasional class of items)
10: Old War Wound (Gain -2 point Chronic Pain)
11: Arrested (Gain “Social Stigma, Criminal Record” – if already rolled, take No 3 instead)
12: “Family Obligations” (Gain a -10 point Dependent or Debt)


What follows is a chart that a Game Master can use to generate random occupations for non-player characters, and to flesh out friends, enemies, and contacts. Follow die-rolling instructions, or pick an entry.

Determine the NPC’s gender by rolling 1D6. On an odd roll, it’s a male. On an even roll, it’s a female.

Then Roll 2D6:

2: Government (Roll 1D6)

1: Federal Agent
4: Bureaucrat
2: Military
5: Netrunner
3: Politician
6: Techie

3: Entertainers (Roll 1D6)

1: Actor
4: Artist
2: Athlete
5: Media Personality
3: Musician
6: Dancer

4: Legal/Emergency (Roll 2D6)

2: Bounty Hunter
3: Cop
4: Fireman
5: Lawyer
6: Paramedic
7: Prison Guard
8: Private Investigator
9: Rent-A-Cop
10: Retired Cop
11: Vigilante
12: HazMat

5-6: Legally Employed (Roll 2D6)

2: Administrative
3: Sales
4: Construction Worker
5: Courier
6: Medical
7: Engineer/Technician
8: Maintenance & Janitorial
9: Scientist
10: Education (Student or Teaching)
11: Service (Bartender, Cook, Waitress etc)
12: Professional Driver or Pilot

7-9: Street Trash and Freelancers (Roll 5D6)

5: Assassin
6: Bartender
7: Bodyguard
8: Bouncer
9: Cab Driver
10: Con Man
11: Convict
12: Counterfeiter
13: Drug Cooker
14: Drug Dealer
15: Ex-Convict
16: Fixer/Fence
17: Gang Member
18: Hooker
19: Junkie
20: Mercenary
21: Netrunner
22: Nomad
23: Ripperdoc
24: Street Kid (Aged under 14)
25: Street Ronin
26: Smuggler
27: Street Vendor
28: Techie
29: Thief/Burglar
30: Vagrant

10-11: Organized Crime (Roll 1D6)

1: Hit Man
2: Bookie
3: Counterfeiter
4: Muscle
5: Minor Boss
6: Major Boss

12: Megacorps (Roll 1D6)

1: Covert Ops
2: Corporate Security
3: Researcher
4: Junior Executive
5: Computing
6: Technician


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