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Located Buchanan Inner-City Airport’s commercial district, the home office of The Lazarus Group opened less than 2 months ago, but is already making quite a name for itself.
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Ground Floor

Lazarus hangar
Lobby/Reception: The spartan but clean front lobby is equipped with a simple front desk system able to be manned by a simple secretary, but currently uses a low-end Holo-Greater to direct guests to the appropriate area. A bank of elevators lines the right hand wall.

Conference Room: A basic conference table with ten swivel chairs dominates the room, and a projector connected to the main terminal is aimed at the far wall, making presentations simple and direct.

Kitchen/Break Room: A simple kitchenette with refrigerator, microwave and a kaff-maker, plus two 4-seat tables and a cheap sofa decorate this basic break room.

Mac’s Office: Retro file cabinets and a desk cluttered with papers dominates the room with a frosted glass window on it’s door labeled “Trenton Machesky. Lead Investigator”.

Lavatories: Separate Male and Female one-stall facilities line a short hall separating the main hall from the hangar area.

Candy’s Office: The second office on this floor is simply labeled “CEO”, the interior is a simply but elegantly furnished modern office.

Medical: As of right now, the room labeled “Medical” is little more than a First Aid station – there is a small desk with a mini-terminal, a wash basin, an examination table and a cabinet containing a crash-kit. Rough notes written in grease pencil on the floors and walls seem to indicate more equipment is scheduled to be installed at a later date.

The Shop: A lot of high-tech tools and work benches fill this large machine shop, able to repair anything from electronics and computers to firearms, cars and even robots. A large portion of the shop is dedicated to robot assembly, and a terminal the back is dedicated to engineering and programming applications.

Armory: This large room is filled with well organized lockers for guns, ammunition and accessories, but the shelves are mostly empty as of now. There is a small bin set up for weapons that need attention from the shop.

Parts: Organized bins and lockers full of various labeled parts – everything from motherboards to carburetors – fill this room, servicing both the shop and the central computer room.

Computers: This room houses the central computer, as well as a slew of mini-terminals. The desk has a disorganized pyramid of empty energy drink cans and the waste basket is full of junk food wrappers.

Hangar Area: This is a huge area with a two-floor ceiling. It was designed to house mid-sized aircraft, but rarely has more than a van, AV and SUV parked here. A Harpy Combat bot is housed in a recharging station in the far corner.

2nd Floor

Lazarus 2nd floor
Lobby/Waiting Room: The Main Floors Holo-Greater has a station here, and two cheap sofas line the walls for waiting guests.
Office Space: 3 unused offices line the main hall. Each has two simple desks and chairs, possible future offices or guest suites.

Lavatories: Separate Male and Female one-stall facilities line a short hall off the main hall.

Observation/Workshop: There is a simple workbench and a dozen stools are set up in this room with a full-wall window overlooking the hangar area. It hasn’t been designated a full-time use yet, though the Lazarus Group did hold a small New Year’s celebration here, and there is half-serious talk about making it a mini-bar.

Roof Access: A simple roof access with fire escape and typical building ventilation machinery. There is a large open area currently used for smoke breaks and general “fresh air”.


Lazarus basement
Security Point: Besides the Holo-Greaters station and sofa, a Big Black Ball sits across from the elevator bank.

Pit’s Room: A spartan room with an old hospital bed against one wall and neglected desk against another. The walls are nicotine stained.

Kitchen/Break Room: A simple kitchenette with refrigerator, microwave and a kaff-maker, plus two cheap sofas, an arm chair and a wide-screen decorate this basic break room.

Wormies Room: This room is dark and the door is kept closed, no one but Wormie has ever been in here, and everyone wants to keep it that way.

Lavatories: Separate Male and Female one-stall facilities line a short hall separating the main hall from the fitness area.

Able’s Room: This room is mostly unused, but contains an old hospital bed, a desk, and a small foot locker in case Able ever needs it.

Guest Suite: A large room with two pairs of bunk beds, two sofas and a simple work area set up for the special needs of special guests.

Information and Interrogation: though not yet completed, this room has the basics covered: a heavy chair bolted to the floor above a large floor drain, a large work area with plenty of space for tools, a large industrial wash-basin, and workstation optimized for searching & verifying information.

Secure Cell: A single cot in a heavily reinforced room set aside special guests. Micro-cameras cover every possible angle of the room.

Holding Cells: Three bare concrete and steel cells equipped with a tiny cot and commode line the hall.

General Storage: taped boxes and file cabinets, all covered with dusty sheets fill this room.

Showers: a simple locker-room benches, lockers, and a row of open shower-heads.

Open Area/Fitness: this huge open corridor is currently bare other than a half dozen fitness mats on the floor.

Firing Range: although not yet finished, this room is heavily reinforced and has range-markers painted along the walls, floors and ceiling.

Lazarus Group

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