The Imazighen

Organization Type/Specialties: Organized Crime, Shipping, Casinos and Restaurants
Assets: $400 Million
Monthly Net Revenue: $4.25 Million
Employees/Members: 1,220

Societal Position: Typical Resources, Special Assets (Black Market Gear)
Rank: Criminal, 3/Level, Max 3
Rivals: Local divisions of the Italian Mafia, Yakuza, Tongs and Russian Mafia

Rank Table
Rank Title Cost
0 Associate 0
1 Soldier 3
2 Immortal 6
3 Lieutenant 9
4 Emir 12

Important Facilities

Night City Core: Ottoman Casino Hotel, Headquarters.
Night City Docks, Night City Core: Marok-NorCal Shipping Company, Ltd.

BAD Modifiers

Security: 3
Digital Security: 2
Competence: 4
Knowledge: 3


The Imazighen is a part of the Union Corse worldwide and comprises the private army of Reformed Moslem street fighters, criminals and technical specialists formed by Friedlander Bey during his rise to power as the top boss in organized crime for the North Core area of Night City. They are fanatically loyal to “The Emir”. their symbol can be found tagged on buildings in their area, as a tattoo on members or as a sticker on vehicles. If you see one of those stickers in a store window or by the till, you might want to think twice about robbing the place. It pays protection to The Emir and his troops are zealous in hunting down freelancers who infringe on their turf. As legitimate businesses the Emir is known to own a shipping company, a casino hotel, several restaurants, an art gallery, a strip club and controlling interests in both a construction company and an Islamic bank.


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