Hightower Cylinder


Hightower Cylinder

Population: 837,000 (Search +3, Search +5 Corporate Offices)


Terrain: Orbital, Sealed
Appearance: Beautiful
Hygiene: +3

Culture And Economy

Language: English, Chinese
Literacy: Native
TL: 9
Wealth: Filthy Rich
Status: 0 to 6

Political Environment

Government: Corporate State
CR: 2 (Corruption -1)
Military Resources: $25.1 Billion
Defense Bonus: +15


Hightower internal

Hightower is a massive 1,000 yard long, 10 megaton O’Neill Cylinder located at L5. It spins to provide 0.95g at the rim and has an operating crew of around 337,000 as well as a passenger capacity of half a million.

Begun in 2029, construction was completed in 2037 and in 2039 H.U.B. (Hightower Universal Bank) declared Hightower its own territory, becoming the first extra-planetary sovereign Megacorp. From 2042 onwards, a consortium of manufacturers controlled by HUB begin supplying low-cost/high-cargo lift vehicles to corporations with the cash to expand into the Orbital market. Many of them established small manned stations in both Earth and lunar orbits and declare sovereignty from any earthside government, but the HUB headquarters on Hightower remains the biggest, most expensive project in history and remains a place where just about every corporation and company can afford it keeps at least a small office. It is well armed and armored, sufficiently so to deter even an earthside superpower from strong-arming it.

The massive space-station is richly appointed, with bucolic fields and parks free from earthside pollution occupying the huge open spaces at it’s core, offering entertainment options from null-g hang-gliding to water skiing as well as arable areas to provide the inhabitants’ dinner tables with real food. Surrounding those, “underground” from an inhabitant’s point of view, are several levels of offices; swish hotels sectors and luxurious private suites; casinos, bars and entertainment facilities running a full range from the opulent to the kinky; a full state-of-the-art hospital and dozens of high-class private clinics; lo-g R&D laboratories and the like. The endcaps contain massive robo-factories, cavernous hangars spaces and over 600,000 tons of dry and refrigerated cargo storage.

Notable Personalities and Groups

Isabel Brietling, CEO, Hightower Universal Bank


Headquarters, Hightower Universal Bank

Hightower Cylinder

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