Grenades and Explosives


Explosive Traps

Leave it Can

The most EXPLOSIVE cola around!

Whatever cola New from this up and coming Night City firm, a booby trap for the discerning solo.
The can comes in several well known looks, including CoolaCola, ZombaBrew and Smash ™. Each contains about 2 mouthfulls of the drink and 10oz of Plastex B explosive: pulling the tab activates a 10 second fuse. For a further charge, the can comes equipped with a tripwire or trembler detonator. The “Trip a Can” and Kick a Can” are useful mines for antipersonnel duties in urban situations.
Stats: 6d cr ex [2d] $55 .75 lb LC2

Romford-Armatech “Scary Bomb”

Count Down to Destruction

This grenade comes with a voicebox that screams “I am a sixty second bomb…I am a sixty second bomb…59…58…” and so on down to 0.
The fuse can be set for 55 seconds, sixty seconds or 65 seconds (“I THINK IT’S A DUD, BOB”), depending on how sadistic you feel today.
Stats: 8dx2 cr ex $80 1 lb LC2
Explosive Traps
Trap Explosion Weight Cost LC
Leave it Can Explosive: 6dcr/ex [2d] .75 $55 2
R-A “Scary Bomb” Explosive: 8dx2cr/ex 1 $80 2

Other Explosives

Grenades and Explosives

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