Governmental Organization Index

Listed here are local,national and even the few remaining supra-national governmental organizations.


ARMINTAC, or to give it it’s formal name, the British Army Intelligence Active Service runs the British Republic’s foreign intelligence functions and undercover programmes abroad. It is the guiding hand behind all foreign counter–insurgency operations since the dissolution of the royalist infiltrated M.I.6. It keeps it’s own cadre of SAS-style service units as well as undercover agents.

Directorate of Intelligence 5

D.I.5. are the British Republic’s feared secret police, the black-clad internal counter-intelligence and security agency formed out of a purged MI5 and also known as the Security Service. They have overwatch on all internal British police and counter-insurgent forces and often liase with their ARMINTAC or SAS counterparts when they need tactical fire support.

Night City Metro Police Department

NCPD is, like all such megacity law enforcement divisions, a huge and complex organization with a sizeable budget. They’re also – again, like every other force of their kind – overworked, underpaid and plagued by corruption from the highest to lowest ranks. NCMP is organized into Area and Precinct forces, the former correspoding roughly to the old pre-amalgamation cities of the pre-Collapse years and the latter to post-Collapse social and development boundaries. They are headquartered in the Justice Tower in the heart of Night City’s Core Precinct. They have no jurisdiction in Corporate Zones other than that offered as a courtesy by the ruling Sovereign – a source of continual friction between NCMP and corporate cops.


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