Genetic Deviants

Deep One [4 Points]

Attributes: ST+2 20, HT+1 10

Advantages: Acute Vision 1 2, Amphibious 10, Claws, Blunt 3, DR1 (Tough Skin) 3, Doesn’t Breathe (Gills) 10, Nictitating Membrane 11, Peripheral Vision (Easy to Hit) 12, Pressure Support 2 10, Temperature Tolerance 4 (-9F to 90F) 4,

Disadvantages: Appearance (Monstrous) [-20], Bad Smell [-10], Dependency (Total Immersion In Salt Water, Daily) [-15], Disturbing Voice [-15], Social Stigma (Gen-Nu Freak) [-10], Unusual Biochemistry [-5], Quirk – Frequent Mutations [-1]

Monstrous-looking hybrids created in the genetic maelstrom that was the underwater city of R’ley during the Gen-Nu Virus incident, they still patrol the deep waters off the British continental shelf, their agenda unknown. Despite their appearance, they have human-level intellects and can perhaps be reasoned with – but they are extremely territorial and wary of strangers.

Genetic Deviants

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