General Price Lists

Everyday Stuff in Night City

Sure, everyone knows that Life on the Edge requires bullets, armor, and specialty tools, but what about the prices of general “everyday life” stuff a runner is supposed to buy? The following is a list – far from exclusive – of everyday costs the people of Night City pay through the normal course of everyday life.

Food and Drink

As stated in the Food and Drink wiki page, in the modern world, most food and drinks are composed of vat-grown, chemically altered algae. This list will take a little closer look into the prices for specifics.

Fast Food and Other Restaurants

Fast Food is a part of at least three meals a week for the average Prole, a lot more common for for many. Prices and nutritional value vary greatly, but most chains focus on value meals such as a burger, drink and fries for $4.00, or a family combo for around $20.00. A typical “Value Menu” burger, order of fries, liter of cola, etc. is $1. Most fast food chains also offer a healthy looking/sounding “Fresh Salad Combo” no healthier than their standard fare for $5.00. These Health Combos are popular with housewives and young corporate drones.

Pizza Joints, Sandwich Shops and Chinese restaurants are popular as much for delivery service as for the food. A typical delivery order is between $10-30.

Sit-Down restaurants run from $8 a plate for “family diners” to $400 a plate at fancy restaurants, and the rumored prices of the most exclusive glitterati restaurants that serve real fruit appetizers are said to be several thousand dollars a plate.

Small diners serve $1 coffee-like beverages and inexpensive pastries like $2 slices of pie, but somehow struggle to compete with Mega-Chains like Skywalkers, that serves flavored caffeinated coffee-like drinks for $7-15 and $5 muffins and Sorta-Scones.

Sample Restaurants
Item Description Location Cost
Mondo Combo Burger, Fries, Large Soda Mondo Burger $4
Mondo Family Box 4 Burgers, 8pc Chicken-ish Nuggets, 2 fries and 4 Medium Sodas Mondo Burger $20
Mondo Healthy Choice Salad and “Health Shake” Mondo Burger $5
Combo #1 Large Pizza, Cheese and 2 toppings, delivered Pizza God $10
Mystery Mushu Noodles and pale meat-like lumps, delivered Shanghai Palace $10
Steak Dinner “Steak” and 2 signature sides Applegate’s Neighborhood Dining $15
House Special “Steak” with Risotto ap and desert Montauge’s by the Bay $500
House Wellington Beef Wellington is served on a bed of real greens and accompanied by both roasted potatoes and parsnips with a blackberry coulis. Tower Tantalus $2,000
Morning Special Cup of Colum-bean-o, free refils, and a slice of pie Joe’s Diner $3
Vanilla Frap-a-dap-a-Mocha-chino and Sorta-Scone Flavored iced synthcaff and pastry Skywalkers $20


Groceries mostly consist of algae-loaf reconfigured into several tastes and textures. A loaf of Bread-Lyke, a liter of Cocoa Cola, and a pound of Nearly-Beef are $1 each. Typical groceries for a Prole family of 4 is about $125.

Item Cost
Loaf of Bread-Lyke $1
Liter of Cocoa Cola $1
25oz jar of Pasta Sauce $2
1lb bag of Colum-bean-o coffee grounds(makes approx 32cups) $6
24 pack of Instabrew Cartridges $6
4oz bottle of flavored non-dairy creamer $3
1 carton of Almost Egg $5
2lb ground Nearly-Beef $2
6 pack of 8oz bottles Flavored Purified Water $8
2lb pack of frozen Tastes-Like-Chicken Breasts $2



Synthesized alcohol is sold almost anywhere food is. From a bottle of wine that tastes mostly of vinegar and a 375ml bottle of vodka with a slight aftertaste of hand-sanitizer, each for about $2, and $40 of decently synthesized whiskey, all the way up to $1000 bottles of wine that may have seen genuine natural fermentation. Beer tends to run between $5-15 a six-pack for most brands.

Item Description Amount Cost
2-Dolla-Holla Cheap Wine 750ml $2
Comrade-ski Vodka Bottom shelf vodka, possibly just isopropyl 375ml $2
Shillelagh “Irish” synthetic Wiskey 750ml $40
Verlander Aux Barques Well-aged vintage wine 750ml $1000
Lando Malt Liquor Malted Beer 40oz $2
Rocky Mountain Ice Brew Beer Common domestic beer 6-pack, 12oz cans $5
Stokers Dark, strong imported beer 6-pack, 12oz cans $15

Stims and Cigarettes

Stim-Patches as sticky dermal patches impregnated with a stimulant that is then absorbed through the skin. Powerful but addictive, they’re as widely accepted as alcohol in the fast-paced world of 2050.

Electronic Cigarettes vaporize gels of various flavors containing the same active ingredients as synthetic cigarettes – menthol and mint are the most popular – and come in with 20 “doses” for about $5.

Synthetic Cigarettes are still common, but due to pre-collapse legislation and modern technology, they are no more likely to cause cancer than the air in a typical neighborhood. They contain gene-tailored and dried kelp infused with the active ingredients rather than actual tobacco. Popular flavors include Classic (Tobacco), Menthol, Chocolate, Clove, Orange-Pineapple, and Jalapeño. A pack of 20 cigarettes typically costs $5.

Stims and Cigarettes
Item Description Amount Cost
Stim-Patch Quick Boosting dermal patch 1 $8
Electronic Cigarettes Gel Vaporizing Cigarettes 1 $5
Synthetic Cigarettes Common Smokes 20 $5


Not much has changed in the last few millennium for the World’s Oldest Profession: Sure, you can get a “Slot” – a gal/guy running VR to distract them from what you are doing to them – for about $10 for 15min, and you can order a customized biodroid delivered to your house for a few million, and anything in between, but basically it’s still the same. Rule number 1: You get what you pay for – if you want a discrete, clean pro, you are look at a minimum of $1000, a streetwalker can get the job done for $200, but no safety or security guarantees. Rule number 2: if there is a woman selling herself, there is a man profiting from it – when dealing with prostitution, assume there are pimps and organized criminals involved, even if told otherwise.

Other Sundries

This is a catch-all category of things a typical citizen of Night City might want to buy at any given time.


A Sonic Razor runs about $80 and weighs about half a pound, it’s AA battery is good for about 10 hours.

Cleaning Gel is a 1.5lb tube of gunk that is spread over the body, then peeled of, removing dirt & germs, a $7 bottle is good for about 7 uses on the typical sized adult.

A Smart Brush is a hand-held brush/duster/vacuum combination, used to remove dirt, lint, dandruff, and clean and style hair and clothing without water. It weighs about half a pound and runs on a B battery for about 24hours.

Mouth-Goo is a thick, bubbly gel that gets swished around in the mouth and spit down a drain, combing brushing, flossing, mouthwash teeth-whitening and fluoride-chemical bath all in one. A $10 bottle has about 20 uses.

A 12 pack of toilet “paper” is typically $10, a pack of 42 “moist wipes” is $2, a box of tissues or a roll of “paper” are each $3.

Item Description Weight Cost Uses
Sonic Razor Bladeless shaving device 0.5lb $80 AA/10
Smartbrush brush/duster/vacuum combo 0.5lb $80 B/24
Cleaning Gel dirt removing gel 1.5lb $7 7
Mouth Goo bubbly oral hygiene slime 1lb $10 20
12 rolls Toilet “Paper” Synthetic cloth crapper-wrapper $10 96
Moist Wipes wet flushable rag stored in damp antiseptic foam 0.25lb $2 42


Sensies are the most popular form of entertainment – see the wiki page on Sensies for more details – standard cost for a legal Sensie rental is $5/hour, but prices vary wildly by popularity. Theaters, music, and even books are still alive and well in the modern world, see Media wiki page for more information.

Sample Entertainment
Item Description Cost Notes
Sensie Rental Rental of VR movie/game experience $5/hour
Sensie New Release New release of A-List Sensie $75
Bootleg Sensie Rental Cheap Pirate Sim rental $2 Glitchy play, Frequency 6 instills temp. mental disadvantage
Night at the Show Theater ticket for 2, Popcorn and large drink $25
Music Download Download a single song into device $2
Book Download Download a single book into device $5
Hard Copy Book Physically Printed and bound book $25
Arena Tickets A popular A-List concert or major league sports game $25

Personal Electronics and Other Supplies

Most of the items in this section are part of many common cyberware packages, but some they are still popular due to clades, personal preferences, and people without cyberware. A Tesla Pro Datapad is a common site among receptionists, personal assistants, and young corporate workers. Many professional journalists – and many more paranoid bloggers – prefer a physical camera over the more common cyber-eye pics: The Carom Shutterbug 5.0 is a top of the line camera with all of the bells and whistles. The most common form of reading and writing is a Flimsy, a semi-rigid sheet of screen that can easily be rolled and stored. Flimsy is used as notebook and downloadable news paper, actual paper is available at plenty of specialty shops (though is is made mostly of recomposted algae), but pens require ink, and are a bit of a luxury.

Personal Electronics and Other Supplies
Item Description Weight Cost Uses
Tesla Pro Datapad Popular portable Complexity 6 PDA .5 $500 A/10
Carom Shutterbug 5.0 Professional Grade camera, lots of features 1 $5,000 A/.5T
Wearman portable Sensie player small device for playing Sensie chips and downloads .5 $300 A/5
Boysenberry Wrist-top Tiny Complexity 6 computer strapped onto the wrist $900 AA/10
Flimsy Stylus Plastic pencil-like nub for Flimsies and PDAs $1 5
Flimsy Stylus Plastic pencil-like nub for Flimsies and PDAs $1 5
Actual Notebook spiral bound writing pad on paper $15 180 pages
Ink Pen Ball-point ink dispensing writing implement $20 3 weeks
Pencil Classic writing implement $5 1doz

Housing and Space Rental

Housing varies greatly. A Coffin Motel can be rented for a $1/hour or $400 for a month. More traditional hotels tend to run from $20 – $900 a night. Luxury can raise this by an order of magnitude. The typical Prole apartment runs for $900 a month, typically, you can adjust this by 30% per shift in status. Most Proles have part of their rent subsidized by their employer as part of their contract.


See the wiki page on Mass Transit for more information on public transportation, and the Vehicles page for buying a vehicle.

Type Cost Duration
Inner-City Maglev $1 any single city trip
Maglev Day pass $5 24hr pass
JohnnyCab $2 for the 1st mile, $1/mile after the fifth as you pay
Continental Maglev $1/10 miles 400mph
Continental Airship $1/5miles 200mph
Aircraft, scheduled flight $200 +$1/10 miles 945mph
Car Rental x.005 the price of the vehicle per day, plus $1/5miles as you pay


From time to time, everyone needs a little professional service.

Type Cost Duration
Mechanic Fees $100-250/hour plus Parts At least 2 hours for simple jobs, more if they can get
Accountant Fees $300+/hour 2-3 hours is typical
Paralegal Fees $150+/hour + mileage 1-3 hours depending on the task.
Professional Maid Service $300/hour 2+ Hours
Under the Table Maid Servie $85/hour 2-5ours
Discrete Industrial Cleanup $1000 flat rate Usually less than an hour if paid in cash
Chauffeur AS per Car Rental, plus $100/hour as you pay

General Price Lists

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