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Most gear up to Tech Level 9 from GURPS High Tech and GURPS Ultra-Tech is available as generic “non-name” branded merchandise at the costs given in the book. Buy from The Shopping Wall to take it with you now or from Window Shopping for delivery to your specified location.

However, Ultra-Tech is not to be seen as gospel cannon in this setting. We regard certain areas of that rulebook as horribly imbalanced. The GM’s reserve the right to change any and all UT gear specs to preserve game balance.

The Item pages contain approved gear that varies from those contained in High Tech and Ultra Tech, as do the Armor, Cyberware, Netrunning, Robots and Weapons sections of this wiki.

There is a separate page for a pricelist of general consumables and services.

Gear and Legality Class

Every piece of gear in GURPS has a Legality Class, an LC. This number ranges from 0 to 4, with increasing numbers meaning increased legality – an LC 4 item is more often legal to carry than an LC 0 item.

LC Description
0 Banned; weapons of mass destruction.
1 Military; heavy weapons, tanks, air defense missiles, etc.
2 Restricted; light assault weapons, concealed handguns, lockpicks, dangerous drugs, etc.
3 Licensed; Handguns, hunting guns, most vehicles, medical equipment, etc.
4 Open; nonlethal weapons, computers, tools, first-aid kits, etc.

Control Rating is a measurement of the amount of control a government exercises, and is primarily used to determine the legality of various pieces of equipment. Those with Social Stigma: Criminal Record within the jurisdiction treat the LC of every piece of equipment as if it were one lower. Similarly, concealment of a weapon lowers its LC by one.

Control Description
CR = LC + 1 The item is completely unrestricted.
CR = LC The item is unrestricted; registration may be required, but there is no permit fee.
CR = LC – 1 A license is required to own or carry the item.
CR = LC – 2 Restricted to law enforcement or the military only.
CR = LC – 3 Restricted to the military or secret police only.

Edgerunners is primarily a CR 3 setting – unless otherwise specified, assume a location is CR 3. High security areas, such as Corporate Enclaves, are typically CR 4. Combat Zones are effectively CR 0. The Free Cities of Rising, Citadel, and Foundry are all CR 2.

In order to purchase low-LC gear, a character must either have an advantage providing legal access to that gear, the Better Gear (Lower LC) perk, which represents a black-market contact, or pay a 50% premium on the price of the gear to purchase them on the black market at black market rates.

In order to legally own or carry low-LC gear, a character must have either a Permit perk for that class of gear or one of an appropriate Legal Immunity, Legal Enforcement Powers, a Corporate Patron, or Corporate, Police, or Military Rank. Corporate Patron or Rank only applies to areas the corporation is welcome; it does not apply in a competitor’s offices or in many high-security areas not related to the corporation involved.


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