Foundry Free City

The Foundry

Foundry Free City

Population: 3.8 Million (Search +3)


Terrain: Desert
Appearance: Unattractive
Hygiene: 0

Culture And Economy

Language: English, Spanish
Literacy: Native
TL: 9
Wealth: Average
Status: -2 to 6

Political Environment

Government: Representaive Democracy, Republic, Free City
CR: 2 (Corruption -1)
Military Resources: $1.1 Billion
Defense Bonus: +4


During and immediately after the Collapse, the city of Albuquerque and it’s surroundings became one of the main refugee centers for the southern MidWestern region. For a while, the area was one big regugee camp, almost entirely lawless and filled with plague. Indesperation, the city declared itself a “free city”, just like it’s neighbours in Arizona and Colorado, and kept all it’s meagre resources – tax revenue, national guard and so on – to itself instead of turning any over to the greater United States. Like the other Free Cities, Foundry found itself embroilled in a civil war with that same dysfunctional U.S. – one that destroyed much of the city in urban fighting, sparked the long years of insurrection now known as the Militia Wars, and only ended when the US stupidly nuked Omaha.

In the aftermath of their fight for freedom, slowly things began to turn for the city’s inhabitants. It’s not been an easy struggle, but these are a hard and willful people with survivalist instincts. Even some skirmishes with expeditionary forces out of Deseret, the larger state looking to annex more territory, have not dampened their spirit.


The “Duke City” and its suburbs have expanded threefold since the early days of the century, throwing up hurried construction to accomodate the population influx it has experienced. Times are still tough for the inhabitants, but the much-diminished presence of the Rio Grande and several massive nuclear-powered desalinization plants to treat aquifer water at least provide for the populace and some terraced agriculture on the Sandia highlands, even if most eat reprocessed algae. Such is the water demand that the river flowing out of the megacity is only a third of the river that flows into it.

The city is notable for three things now: it’s one of the last places on the continent to use fission power, which along with huge solar farms drive the city’s industry; it is a nuclear power, having recently expanded the once-mothballed Sandia Labs under a partnership agreement with Armatech Corp; and during December to February the basin around it becomes the home to almost 4 million new people as the Nomads of the mid-western tribes come to settle for one of two great Nomad Winter Markets, the larger of which is held near Rising Free City.


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Foundry Free City

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