Armatech “ADI A12 Prowler Hi-Power” Pistol, 8mmCLP Magnum

Ami prowler The ADI “Prowler” is a modern firearm designed from the ground up for integration with a HUD display and targeting software. It includes a diagnostic computer, HUD link and underbarrel multi-spectral laser sight as standard. The 8mmCLP Magnum ammunition gives the Prowler a little extra oomph in a firefight without the expense of fancy loads. The Prowler is the standard sidearm of U.S. federal law enforcement and is also popular with both local police and the general public.
Options: 8mmCLP Medium Pistol, Heavy Barrel, Smartgun Electronics

BritArms “Archer” 10mmETC Heavy Pistol

BritArms_Archer_10mmETC_Heavy_Pistol.jpg The Archer is the standard sidearm of all British security and military forces, a hard-hitting modern heavy-frame ETC pistol with integral smartgun electronics and an IFF chip. An integral battery can fire 4 magazines of Boosted Velocity shots before recharging. The pistol can be fitted with a silencer if required.
Options: 1ommETC Heavy Pistol, IFF, Smartgun Electronics

CanaArms “CA C7 Assassin” Stealth Pistol, 12.5mmPS

Stealth pistol The C7 Stealth Pistol is a weapon favored by Canadian intelligence agents and undercover police officers. The ‘Assassin’ is a low-observable pistol designed primarily to defeat security sensors. It utilizes an advanced composite body with no metals in order to be invisible to metal detectors and registers to most security scans as if it were a smartpad. Physically, it still resembles a snub-nosed pistol with four barrels. It utilizes an integrated silencer and ‘silent’ ammunition in order to fire near silently, and agents typically utilize exotic ammunition to increase lethality, each barrel pre-loaded with a different ammunition option for different targets.
Options: 12.5mmCLP Ultraheavy Pistol, Advanced Materials, Integrated Silencer, Smartgun Electronics, Shortened Barrel (Pistol), Covert, Preloaded Barrel, Fine (Accurate)

Armatech “ADI A3 Stinger” Stealth Pistol (Executive Edition), 4mmCLP

Stinger The ADI A3 Stinger was designed as a small, easily concealable weapon for situations where carrying would be seen in a negative light. It utilizes an integrated silencer to avoid the bulk of an external attachment, and an ETC propellant boost in order to achieve lethal velocity. The Executive Edition presented here is ultra-precision crafted from high quality materials designed to circumvent scanners and metal detectors. It also includes an expanded electronics suite.
Options: 4mmCLP Ultralight Pistol, Fine (Accurate), Very Fine (Reliable), Advanced Materials, Integrated Silencer, ETC, Smartgun Electronics, IFF System, D-Tag

Scorpia “Plastic-8” Medium Pistol 8mmCLP

Plastic8 The Scorpia Plastic-8 is one of the most common “printed” weapons seen on the streets. Cheap and easily available in a wide variety of user-specified color patterns from the nearest Shopping Wall, it’s a common self-defense weapon. It is made from 3-d printed hi-impact plastics with a ceramic barrel and firing pin, which makes it difficult to detect using electronic sensors, but it also has a reputation for unreliability.
Options: Advanced materials, Cheap (Unreliable).

Kreig Kapital “KK Aries-ETC” Ultraheavy Pistol, 12.5mmETC

Kk aries 12.5mm “When the target absolutely, positively has to be taken down – use an Aries!” The KK Aries-ETC is simply one of the finest large-frame handguns on the market today, manufactured to a high specification and designed from the ground up to use modern smartgun electronics and ETC ammunition. The powercell for the pistol’s ETC ammunition slots into the underbarrel shroud that also holds the multispectral laser and camera sighting system. Several different types of round are available for this monster, including a cyborg-stopping APHEX heat-seeker, on offer to military and law enforcement customers at a cost of $36 a round!
Options: ETC, Smartgun Electronics, Fine (Reliable), Fine (Accurate).

Armatech “Urban-Fox 3” Ultraheavy Pistol, 12.5mm

Desertfox phx1 The Armatech “Urban-Fox 3” Ultraheavy Pistol, 12.5mm provides a solution to the individual who wants high powered protection and smart systems without having to pay an arm and a leg. Included in its compact frame are a Multipectral Laser Sight, HUD Link, Recognition Grip, Diagnostic Computer, D-Tag and IFF Systems. This way you know if your Urban-Fox ends up in the wrong hands it won’t end up being a bad day for you or your family.
Options: Smartgun Electronics, IFF System, D-Tag

MAUL Ind Pacifier

Pacifier Another heavy-hitter from MAUL Industries, the Pacifier is a 454 Magnum revolver with a 1-shot under-barrel grenade launcher. Although not as popular as automatic pistols in most urban area, the Pacifier is more common in the Badlands, where a heavy duty revolver with few parts to maintain is a major advantage in the harsh climate.
Options: Smartgun Electronics, IFF System, D-Tag

Geind Wasp’s Nest Ijzer Pepperbox

Geind wasps nest The Geind Wasp’s Nest is a pepper-box style holdout that fires Ijzer rounds – with a single squeeze of the trigger, a hail of sharpened metal sharps go hurling from the barrel, turning any unarmored flesh into hamburger!
Options: Smartgun Electronics, IFF System, D-Tag

Kreig Kapital Sergio Ijzer Knucklerduster

Kk sergio Inspired by the Knuckledusters of the ‘Old West’, the KK Sergio is a compact one-shot holdout that fires CSF Ijzer rounds exclusively. It’s weak on range and penetration, but as a last-chance holdout, few things pack provide a distraction like a face-full of shredder-round!

Kreig Kapital Morocco 10mm Revolver

Kk morocco Popular as a sidearm among police and private investigators throughout Europe, the KK Morocco is a sturdy, reliable pistol that packs a punch and fits into most pockets. The frame is secure enough to fire magnum rounds without issue.
Options: Very Fine (reliable), Shortened Barrel

Armatech RN-352 Locust Flechette Pistol

Locust flechette Fast, accurate, and lethal even against armored foes, the Armatech Locust is the preferred sidearm of Johannesburg’s infamous Weerling Response Forces, sought after for it’s reliability in the field, ammo capacity and high performance action. The Locust fires unique RN-Flechette rounds designed for deep armor penetration and spin-stabilized accuracy.
Options: Smartgun Electronics, Fine (Reliable), Fine (Accurate)

Fletcher Imperium 7mm ETC Pistol

Fletcher 7mm etc After the being featured as the weapon of choice for Agent Larson is the smash-hit Sensie The Well, the Fletcher Imerium has seen a spike in sales. The Imperium uses a a cylinder of 6 preloaded cylinders to house the 7mm blocks of propellant gel encasing a flechette. The Electro-Chemical propellant makes the Imperium standout amongst its competition as a long range, high damage weapon – the sort of weapon Agent Larson could swear by!
Options: Smartgun Electronics, Fine (Reliable), ECT, Integral Flashlight
Weapon Damage Acc Range Weight RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC
ADI A12 Prowler 2d+2 pi 2 195/1,950 2/0.25 3 25+1(3) 9 -2 2 $950/$20 3
Archer 3d+1 pi+ 2 208/2340 2/0.35 3 20+1(3) 10 -2 2 $1,600/25 3
C7 Stealth Pistol 2d+2 pi+ 2 140/1,500 2/0.5 4/12# 12(3) 10 -2 3 $4,100/$15 3
ADI A3 Stinger (Executive) 1d+1 pi- 3 100/975 1.1/0.10 3 40+1(3) 5 -1 2 $2,420/$4 2
Scorpia Plastic-8 2d pi 2 150/1,500 1.13/0.25 3 25+1(3) 7 -2 2 $280/$20 3
KK Aries-ETC 3d+3pi++ 3 260/2925 3/0.75 3 20+1(3) 11 -3 3 $2,375/$20 3
Armatech “Urban-Fox 3” 3D+2 pi+ 2 200/2500 3/0.75 3 20+1(3) 10 -3 3 $1400/$30 3
MAUL Ind Pacifier 3D+2 pi+ 2 200/2500 4/1 3 6(2i) 10 -3 3 $2500/$30 2
*Pacifier’s under-barrel 2D+2 pi++ 2 300/950 1 1(3i) 10 -3
Geind Wasp’s Nest 1dcut(.5) 2 100/950 1/.5 1×20 1×20(2) 8 -2 2 $600/$30 3
KK Sergio 2d-2cut(.5) 2 95/750 .4/- 1 1 4 -1 2 $750/$3 3
KK Morocco 2d+1 pi+ 1 136/1,530 1.5/.25 3 6(2i) 9 -1 2 $875/$6
Armatech Locust Flechette 2d+2pi- (3) 3 200/2,250 3/.5 3 30(3) 9 -3 1 $2000/$60 3
Fletcher Imperium 2d+3 pi- (3) 2 130/1950 1.5/.25 3 6(3) 9 -2 1 $1700/$20 3

Sub-Machine Guns and Personal Defense Weapons

Armatech “ADI PD-9” Light Personal Defense Weapon, 4mmCL

Pd9 The PD-9 personal defense weapon is a small, light submachine gun firing 4.7mm bullets at rifle velocities. Utilizing an electrothermal-chemical reaction and a small battery in the pistol grip, the PD-9 can shoot a 2 gram slug at over 1,000 meters per second. The PD-9 is typically in use by security forces, especially in urban combat situations, and it is small and light enough that it can reasonably be utilized one-handed by augmented individuals (ST 15).
Options: 4mmCL Light PDW, Smartgun Electronic, Shortened Barrel (+1), Folding Stock

BritArms “Lovatt” Heavy PDW, 6mm ETC

BritArms_6mm_Heavy_PDW.jpg The Lovatt is the standard sub-machine gun for all British security forces, the SAS and Army mechanized crews. It is a modern ETC weapon and the integral battery holds enough charge to fire 4 magazines. The magazine itself is a unique box that attaches in a bullpup-action onto the stock. The weapon comes complete with smartgun electronics and an IFF chip and there are rails for after-market add-ons.
Options: 6mm Heavy PDW, ETC, Smartgun Electronics, IFF, Shortened Barrel (Rifle +1), Bullpup, Tactical Configuration (Rifle)

Kreig Kapital “KK Barcelona-EXT” Heavy Machine Pistol, 10mmCLP

Kk barcelona ext Originally designed to help put down riots in Barcelona, the KK Barcelona-EXT has had it’s frame redesigned to accomodate an extended magazine for prolonged firing periods, as well as an upgraded barrel to deal with the stresses caused by rapidly emptying it’s 100 round clips. While still manufactured with a holographic sight, the new models come with a full Smart Electronics suite, with a flip-out diagnostic computer for in-field repairs. The stock collapses into the SMG when not in use, further reducing the weapon’s profile.
Options: 10mmCLP Heavy Machine Pistol, Smartgun Electronic, Heavy Barrel (+0.2), Folding Stock, Extended Magazine

Harlow Electromagnetic Weapon 4mm Gauss Field Test

Harlow emw Sleek and stylish, the Harlow EMW was meant to be a field test of the first personal gauss defense weapon, but a shipment of 2,000 was stolen in an ambush while in transit through the Badlands. Fortunately for the world, the shipment was not lost forever, or hoarded away by some private army: a large number of the EMW’s has recently made an appearance in Nigh City at the world famous Grey Auction. Fortunately for any lucky bidders, drums of the specialized ammo became available from several established munitions manufacturers soon after the news of the theft went public…
Options: 4mm Gauss PDW, Smartgun Electronic, Drum

Tuphana Two-Step

Tuphana_SMG.jpg When Tuphana released their latest line of unstoppable heavy-grade armor, they realized the perfect compliment to an unstoppable wall of force would be a weapon that could help take the wall down. WIth high-velocity dart rounds, the Two-Step does just that.
Options: 6mm Heavy PDW (APEP Dart); Tactical Configuration; High-Cyclic Action; Shortened Barrel (+1); Smartgun Electronics; Sub-Caliber Barrel
Weapon Damage Acc Range Weight RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC
ADI PD-9 3d+3 pi 4 600/2,750 4.5/0.50 9#/10 50+1(3) 9† -3* 2 $2,750/$25 2 [1]
Lovatt 5d+1 pi 3 770/3,315 6/1 9#/15 60+1(3) 10† -3* 2 $3,600/$40 2 [1]
KK Barcelona-EXT 2d+2 pi+ 3 160/1,800 6/2 10 100+1(3) 9† -3* 1 $1,700/$100 2 [2]
Harlow EMW 4d(3) pi- 6+1 700/2,900 4.6/1.5 16 100(3) 9† -3* 2 $5,400 sug.retail/$200 2 [3]
Tuphana Two-Step 4d+4 pi- (APEP) 4 780/3,445 6/1 9#/15 90+1(3) 9† -3 2 $3,500/$210 2 [2]

[1] Uses 3-round high cyclic bursts
[2] Includes recoil-mitigation system
[3] Powered by a C-Cell in grip, 1 bat powers 5 drums.


Armatech ‘HDF’ Shotgun, 18.5mmPC

Armatech  hdf  shotgun The first in it’s line of ‘Home Defense’ weaponry, this Armatech shotgun is a retooled civilian model shotgun with upgraded Smartgun Electronics and an integrated IFF system to prevent any ‘Family Fire’ incidents. To further put your mind at ease, the shotgun has been designed from the ground up for ease of maintenance – no extensive cleanings required!
Options: Smartgun Electronics, Fine (Reliable), IFF System

Maul Industries ‘A19 CAW’ Shotgun, 18.5mmPC

Maul a19 caw This fully automatic monstrosity is a favorite of tactical urban combat units, and is licensed out to several manufacturers of automated defense systems.
Options: Smartgun Electronics, Fine (Reliable), IFF System

BritArms ‘S.A.F.E.’ Shotgun, 18.5mmPC

The BritArms S.A.F.E. (Special Assault Forced Entry) Shotgun was developed in response to concerns of civil unrest in an increasingly dangerous world. The integrated underbarrel grenade launcher has smartgun electronics and a dual magazine to allow for on-the-fly switching between baton and tangler rounds, while the shotgun is clip-fed and is compatible with the majority of specialty ammo available for crowd control.
Options: Tactical Configuration, Selective Fire, Smartgun Electronics, Stock Removal, Shortened Barrel (Longarm +1), Recoil mitigation System
Options – Underbarrel GL: Smartgun Electronics, Shortened Barrel (+2), Light Barrel, Underbarrel Format, Internal Magazine
Weapon Damage Acc Range Weight RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC
Armatech HDF 4d+4 pi++ 3 80/1,600 6/.6 2 5+1(2i) 10† -5 4 $1,350 3
Maul A19 CAW 4d+4 pi++ 3 100/500 10/1.5 10 20 11† -5 4 $2,400 2
BritArms S.A.F.E. 4d+2 pi++ 2 65/1,360 10.5/1.5 6 12+1(3) 13† -4 4 $1,929/$50 3
BritArms S.A.F.E. GL 1d pi++ 3 110/400 4/1.5 1 3(2i) 10† -3 2 $1,000 2

Assault and Battle Rifles

Armatech “Reaper” Weapons System, 8mmCL

Reaper battle carbine The Reaper is Armatech’s state of the art integrated urban battlefield weapon, incorporating a silenced 8mmCL battle carbine and an underbarrel 18.5mmPC shotgun in a frame that utilizes hi-impact plastics and carbon fibre to reduce the weapons weight. Designed from the ground up as a “smart-linked” system, the Reaper doesn’t even have external triggers and can only be fired via an authorized weapons link. The sights are fully HUD-integrated and augment a standard HUD with hyperspectral imaging while there is an integrated computer in the stock which augments the users targeting software. The entire weapon is hardened agains EMP pulses. The rifle uses caseless APHEX ammunition, a variety of rounds are available for the shotgun.
Options: Smartgun Electronic, Shortened Barrel (+1), Bulpup, Weight Reduction, Integrated Silencer (carbine only), IFF System, Hyperspectral Imaging, Integrated C4 Targeting Computer (plus 1 to Rifle and Shotgun skills)
Weapon Damage Acc Range Weight RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC
8mmCL APHEX 6d+1(2) pi+ 4 850/3,550 7/1 10 40+1(3) 9† -4 2 $12,000/$45 1 [2]
Weapon Damage Acc Range Weight RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC
18.5mmPC 4d+4 pi++ 2 80/1,600 2/1 2 6+1(3) 11† -3 4 $Inc./$35 3 [3]

[2] Includes recoil mitigation system.
[2] Bulk is minimum required to attach under another weapon.

Britarms SA2KL Assault Rifle, 3mm Gauss

SA2KL Gauss The SA2KL was Armatech’s British subsidiary’s entry in the research program that eventually led to the Reaper battle carbine. Although it lost out to the design adopted, it was eventually accepted into service with the British Republic as their standard assault rifle for regular front-line troops. The weapon is a state-of-the-art gauss rifle firing 3mm armor-piercing-discarding-sabot ammunition from a 6mm chamber. It includes an integral 18.5mm underbarrel shotgun for which a variety of rounds are available. In service, the complexity of the weapon and cost-cutting measures in manufacturing have meant it has had reliability problems.
Options: Rifle has Gauss, High Cyclic Action, Sub-caliber Barrel. Shotgun has Shortened Barrel (1), Underbarrel Format. Overall weapon has Tactical Configuration, Smartgun Electronics, IFF System, D-Tag, Hyperspectral Imaging, Targeting Computer (1), Cheap (Unreliable), Fine (Materials)
Weapon Damage Acc Range Weight RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC
3mm Gauss APDS 9d(2) pi- 6 1450/6240 8.5/2 9#/15 135+1(3) 11† -4 2 $12,000/$160 2 [1]
Weapon Damage Acc Range Weight RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC
18.5mmPC 4d+4 pi++ 5 60/1,200 2.25/0.75 2 6+1(3) 10† -3 4 $Inc./$35 3 [2]

[1] Uses 3-round High Cyclic Bursts
[2] Bulk is minimum required to attach under another weapon.

Tiberius Arms “M-16X” Assault Carbine, 6mmCL

M16X The M-16X is the Free State Of Texas answer to a requirement for a quickly mass-produceable and reliable carbine for it’s counter-insurgency forces in Mexico. Based on the old Commando carbine frame, but with smartgun electronics built into the new folding stock and an underslung pod, the gun has been rechambered for modern 6mmCL. In service, it has proven popular with the troops despite it being unable to accept an underslung back-up weapon. In combat, it usually is loaded with an APHC round to defeat insurgent body armor, however other rounds are available.
Options: Smartgun Electronic, Shortened Barrel (+1), Folding Stock

Tūphāna Tempest 10mm Storm Rifle

T ph na tempest The flag-ship rifle of the Tūphāna line, the Tempest is a heavy Storm rifle designed for rugged conditions and heavy use for battles in jungles and deserts. It’s heavy barrel and reliable frame protect it not only from the elements and keep it in good condition, but also allow it to fire a lot of overpowered rounds if the situation calls for it.
Options: Smartgun Electronics, Hyperspectral Scope, Diagnostic Computer, Very Fine (Reliable), Heavy Barrel (+1), Folding Stock

Kirov M-17 Designated Marksman 8mm Rifle

M 17 designated marksman rifle
When most militias in the world look for a marksman rifle that is portable and reliable, they look towards the Kirov M-17. It’s bullpup configuration allows for it to be used from unconventional firing positions, affording it a wide variety of versitility not found in many other rifles.
Options: Smartgun Electronics, Hyperspectral Scope, Tactical Configuration, Selective Fire, Fine (Accurate), Bullpup, Assault Scope
Weapon Damage Acc Range Weight RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC
M-16X 4d+2 pi 4 700/3,000 7/1 9#/15 55+1(3) 9† -4* 2 $2,350/$35 2 [1]
Tūphāna Tempest 9d pi+ 5 1,300/5,800 15/2 10 25+1(3) 12† -6* 3 $20,200/$55 2
Kirov M-17 7d pi 6 1,000/4,200 10.5/1.5 10 45+1(3) 10† -4 3 $7,375/$50 2

[1] Uses 3-round high cyclic bursts

Light Machine Guns

BritArms ‘ChainSAW’ Medium Chaingun, 6mmCL

Sometime after the BritArms development of a Squad Automatic Weapon for both the British Armed Forces and the highest bidder, the weapon picked up the apt moniker ‘ChainSAW’. While it is true in describing it’s function and the noise made when firing over sustained periods, the name has not been officially recognized except in some old field manuals. For a time, these manuals became a bit of a collector’s item for this tidbit alone; “Despite being referred to as the ChainSAW, this equipment is not suitable for cutting down trees. Any personnel found using it in such a manner will have their citizenship rights revoked and will be deported.” It is unclear whether actions were taken, but what is clear is that between the integrated Smartgun Electronics, IFF System and extended barrel, this is a support weapon to be reckoned with.

Options: Tactical; Heavy Autofire; Bipod; Heavy Barrel, IFF System, Smartgun Electronics, Extended Barrel
Guns(Machine Guns)
Weapon Damage Acc Range Weight RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC
ChainSAW 5d+2 pi 5 920/4,025 23.1/4 15 240(5) 11B† -6 2 $4,165/$140 2

Sniper and Hunting Rifles

Armatech ‘Valkyrie’ Storm Rifle, 10mmCL

There are occasions when a long distance conversation can end on less than amicable terms, and often there is no recourse but to either meet up with the person to settle matters, or shrug it off as a minor annoyance. Armatech, however, believes in compromise – what better way to deal with minor annoyances than by settling matters from afar. The Valkyrie is capable of delivering precise, rapid fire on targets out to 1,300 meters, greatly exceeding the terminal effect capability of other rifes. It is especially valuable during operations in urban terrain where greater firepower and standoff ranges provide counter-sniper capability while enhancing sniper survivability.
Options: Bipod, Fine (Accurate), Integrated Silencer, Smartgun Electronics, Sniper Scope

BritArms "Spectre:, 10mmCL

BritArms_Spectre.jpg The BritArms subsiduary of Armatech often goes its own way, and when the British Army was procuring a new sniper rifle it offered the Spectre. Based on the tried and trusted Valkyrie action, it added an extended barrel, halved the magazine capacity and rebuilt much of the weapon in modern polyceramics. Coupled with a truly monster scope, the weapon entered service with British special forces units five years ago and has been procured by other buyers since.
Options: Extended Barrel, Bipod, Fine (Materials), Integrated Silencer, Smartgun Electronics, Hyperspectral Sniper Scope, Smaller Magazine

CanaArms “CA R8 Vatican” Anti-Materiel Rifle, 12.5mmCL

Ca r8 vatican The R8 Vatican was designed for the Canadian Flashpoint teams as a response to gang and cartel violence spiraling out of control and becoming too dangerous for traditional Emergency Task Force (ETF) procedures. The rifle was designed to neutralize targets at any cost, and has been designed as a last resort weapon guaranteed to end any engagement. Due to the high strength requirement of the original design, preventing use by sharpshooters more used to finesse than brute power, the unit is typically purchased with a tripod to supplement the attached bipod. The rifle comes with a full sensor suite designed to see in any conditions, including some walls.
Options: Bipod, Laser Rangefinder, Hyperspectral Sniper Scope, Very Fine (Accurate)
Variant: CA R8 Vatican-R: This variant of the rifle comes with a powered tripod for high risk situations that require precision while posing no risk to the user.

Fletcher Specter 10mm ETC Flechette

Fletcher specter The makers of the Imperium bring you a sniper rifle sure to please: the Fletcher Specter – a electro-thermal sniper-rifle loaded with a super-sized round based on the same concept as the Imperium, for maximum armor penetration! With is host of sensors and infamous Fletcher ETC gel-block style rounds, your target can’t run, can’t hide, cannot escape a Specter!
Options: ETC, Gel-block flechette, Bipod, Laser Rangefinder, Hyperspectral Sniper Scope, Very Fine (Accurate)
Guns(Sniper Rifles)
Weapon Damage Acc Range Weight RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC
Valkyrie 9d pi+ 6 1,300/5,800 14.5/2 3 25+1(3) 11† -7 3 $10,850/$55 3
Spectre 10d+1 pi+ 5+5 1,500/6,700 10/1 3 12+1(3) 10† -7 3 $9,900/$30 3
CA R8 Vatican 6dx2 pi+ 8 1,700/6,500 32.5/2.5 1 15+1(3) 14† -7 3 $33,350/$65 3
CA R8 Vatican-R 6dx2 pi+ 8 1,700/6,500 57.5/2.5 1 15+1(3) 14† -7 3 $38,350/$65 3
Fletcher Specter 6dx2 pi (3) 8 1,700/7,550 15/2 3 20+1(3) 12† -7 3 $20600/$165 3

Gyroc Weapons

Kreig Kapital Caricato Gyroc

Kk caricato Like a little versatility in your firearms? The Kreig Kapital Caricato Gyroc holds 18 gyroc rounds that can be selectively filtered through it’s three barrels with a simple cybernetic command! A favorite among Europlex rapid response teams for it’s ability to switch between lethal, non-lethal and “special” ammunition, the KK Caricato Gyroc is in a class by itself!
Options: Smartgun Electronics, IFF System, D-Tag

Maul Inc P-103 THUD Gyroc

P103 thud Currently gaining popularity among military and security personnel as a solid performing gyroc pistol with reliable stopping power, the Maul Inc P-103 THUD is ideal for support troops as well as units with special ammunition needs.
Options: Smartgun Electronics, IFF System, D-Tag
Guns(Pistol – Gyroc)
Weapon Damage Acc Range Weight RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC
KK Caricato 5d pi+ 1 1,950 2.5/0.75 3 18(2i) 9 -2 1 $950/$30 3
Maul Thud 5d pi+ 1 200/2500 2.25/0.75 3 10+1(3) 10 -3 3 $1400/$30 3

Nonlethal Weapons

Rayson Weapons Vortexo!

Vortexo Utilizing Umbra Corporation’s DeepSleep™ Knockout Gas!
The Vortexo! vortex-ring pistol fires a small, hart-hitting puff of gas. This gas stays in a cohesive form for 15 yards, and can even bounce around corners. The gas impacts everyone in one yard of the impact site. The Vortexo! pistol typically comes loaded with DeepSleep™ Knockout Gas, which causes rapid incapacitation in affected individuals. If an individual fails their HT roll, they fall unconcious for minutes equal to margin of failure, followed by regular sleep. If they succeed by less than five, they are rendered tired for 20-HT minutes and get a -2 penalty to all skill or attribute rolls, except for HT rolls. If they succeed by more than five, the gas has no effect.
Options: Smartgun Electronics, IFF System, D-Tag

Rayson Weapons Atlantean

Rayson weapons atlantean
Why choose between Style and Substance when you can have both? The Atlantean Ring Rifle is exquisitely crafted for a longer-range delivery of the vortex-ring gas system that has made the Vortexo! So popular. Due to the way the Atlantean compresses it’s gas, Any target closer than 10yrds of the initial shot is at +2 to save vs. the effects of the gas.
Options: Smartgun Electronics, IFF System, D-Tag
Liquid Projector (Sprayer)
Weapon Damage Acc Range Weight RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC
Vortexo! HT-6 aff (1 yard)
1d-3 cr dkb
2 15 2/1 1 5(3) 7 -2 1 $750/$5 4
Atlantean HT-6 aff (1 yard)
1d-3 cr dkb
2 45 3.5/1 1 5(3) 8 -3 1 $975/$5 4

Rayson Weapons ‘DTMB’ Electrolaser

One of the top-selling home and personal defense weapons made at Rayson, this electrolaser has endeared itself to both public and police for whenever you absolutely need to ensnare someone’s attention.
Options: Smartgun Electronics
Electrolaser (Pistl)
Weapon Damage Acc Range Weight RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC
DTMB HT-4 aff (2 )
1d-3 burn
4 40/80 2.2/C 3 36(3) 4 -2 1 $2,300/$10 4


Edgerunners Langy RaseCidraen