Dream Corp

Dream corp

Dream Corp

Organization Type/Specialties: Entertainment, Media
Assets: $200B
Monthly Net Revenue: $4B
Employees/Members: 200,000

Societal Position: Dominant, Large Resources
Rank: Corporate, 4/Level, Max 8
Rivals: Continuum New Media, Hex Media

Rank Table
Rank Title Cost
0 Worker, Associate 0
1 Team Leader 4
2 Supervisor 8
3 Local Division Manager 12
4 District Manager 16
5 Division Manager, Director 20
6 Vice President 24
7 Corporate Officer, Member of the Board 28
8 Executive Chairman of the Board 32

Important Facilities

Glendale, SoCal Metroplex, SoCal: Dream Corp Headquarters & Studios
Mumbai Metroplex, India: Dream Corps Games Development
Night City, NorCal: Technology Research Center

BAD Modifiers

Security: 2
Digital Security: 4
Competence: 4
Knowledge: 2


Dream Corp are the the single largest media corporation on the planet, an amalgum of several Florida and California media giants from before the Collapse. They make holo-programming for the networks, holo-movies, sensies, games, VR settings, produce music and run a chain of popular theme parks as well as merchandising stores for their copyrighted intellectual properties.

Dream Corp

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