Armored -5 Points

Your normal body is bulky, as if you are constantly wearing armor-level clothing. You are counted as wearing a layer of Flexible armor even if you are naked.
Cannot Wear Armor -20 or -40 Points

You are physically incapable of wearing any armor or heavy protective gear. Point value depends on the extent of your limitation.

Cannot Wear Armor: You are incapable of wearing armor, hazmat suits, or anything else providing protection to a significant portion of your body. You can still wear breath masks, sunglasses, light clothing, etc. -20 points.

Cannot Wear Anything: You are incapable of wearing anything at all. Maybe your body is incorporeal, or nobody in the entire world makes equipment that would fit you. -40 points.

Either level of this trait qualifies you to purchase DR with the -40% Doesn’t Stack limitation. This trait is incompatible with Armored.
Inconvenient Size or Shape -5 Points

Normal clothing and armor won’t fit you. You must purchase custom-tailored clothing or armor, at a minimum of 4x the normal prices. You can not wear the vast majority of protective gear or clothing that you find, and many types of armor or protective clothing may not even be made to your size/shape.


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