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Analgine $5/dose.

This is a strong painkiller with fewer side effects than drugs such as morphine. It gives +3 to HT or Will saves against the effects of pain, including stunning and knockdown, but will also make the user drowsy. It comes in injectable liquid form. LC4.

Pain negation x3 [3 DP], Stun Reducer x1 [3 DP], Strength: HT-2, Onset: 20 mins, Duration: 2 hours. Side Effects: Drowsiness (Timed, Immediate) [-1 DP]

Cost: 10, Injected, LC4 = $5/dose.
Anti-Rad $2.50/dose.

An advanced anti-ratiation compound, it gives +6 to HT saves against the effects of radiation, but will also make the user constipated and give them blotchy red patches on their skin as the drug increases capillary size. It comes in ingested pill form. LC4.

Antitode (Radiation) x2 [4 DP], Strength: HT-3 [1 DP], Onset: 20 mins, Duration: 24 hours [2 DP]. Side Effects: Altered Appearance-Blotchy Skin (Timed, Immediate) [-1 DP], Difficult Bowels (Timed, Delayed) [-1 DP]

Cost: 10, Ingested, LC4 = $2.50/dose.
BZ-16 Riot Control Gas $12/dose.

This advanced crowd control aerosol is used by NCPD and many other forces, usually delivered by 40mm gerandes holding 40 doses. It makes those effected very compliant and easy to identify, but occasionally caused injury through breathing difficulties and even death due to overdose. LC2.

Hypnotic 1 [2 DP], Soporific [1 DP], Strength: HT-2 [0 DP], Onset: 60 seconds [2 DP], Duration: 2 hours [0 DP]. Side Effects: Altered Appearance – red & blotchy skin (Timed, Immediate) [-1 DP], Cowardice (Timed, Immediate) [-1 DP, Difficult Respiration (Timed, Immediate) [0 DP]

Cost: 3, aerosol, LC2 = $12/dose.
Hypercoagulin $10/dose.

When injected into a patient with a bleeding wound, this causes fast coagulation and a cessation of bleeding. It comes as an injectable liquid. LC3.

Coagulant 1 [2 DP], Strength: HT-3 [1 DP], Onset: 2 seconds [4 DP], Duration: 2 hours [0 DP]. Side Effects: Cardiac Arrest (Untimed) [-2 DP]

Cost: 10, injectable liquid, LC3 = $10/dose.
Gebaminex $1/2 doses.

Everyone’s favorite sleeping pill, marketed under several different brand names. This drug is psychologically addictive, and the drowsiness that comes as a side effect if you shrug off the initial effect is a bonus – if you fall asleep due to the side effect, you stay asleep for the main effect’s entire duration. LC4.

Soporific [1 DP], Strength: HT-2 [0 DP], Onset: 20 minutes [0 DP], Duration: 8 hours [1 DP]. Side Effects: Psychological Addiction (Untimed) [-1 DP]; Drowsy (Timed, Immediate) [1 DP]

Cost: 2, pill, LC4 = $1/2 doses.
Multicycline $3/dose.

This is a broad-spectrum antibiotic with none of the nasty side-effects of earlier generations of antibiotics. It comes in pill form. LC3.

Antibiotic x2 [2 DP], Strength: HT-2, Onset: 1 hour [-1 DP], Duration: 4 days [+4 DP]. Side Effects: Nausea (Timed, Immediate) [-1 DP]

Cost: 6, pill, LC3 = $3/dose.
Nero $16/dose.

Nero is the street name for a fairly common mid-grade performance enhancing drug. The effects are most beneficial to soldiers or guards, as it enhances reflexes, endurance and alertness while instilling an inflated sense of confidence. Users report a mild burning sensation at their extremities as the drug wears off, and bouts of paranoia and insomnia are common enough to keep this drug popular with large, professional militarys.

Increased Basic Speed 2 [2 DP], Enhanced Perception 1 [2 DP], Endurance Enhancer 1 [1 DP], Onset: 5 Minutes [+1 DP], Duration: 2 hours [0 DP]. Side Effects: Insomnia (Timed, Delayed) [-1 DP], Paranoia (Timed, Delayed) [-1 DP]

Cost: 4, liquid-injected, LC2 = $16/dose.
Painaway $1/16 doses.

An over-the-counter analgesic similar to acetaminophen or aspirin but safer and more reliable. It comes in pill form. LC4.

Pain negation x1 [1 DP], Strength: HT+1 [-3], Onset: 20 mins, Duration: 8 hours [+1]. Side Effects: Kidney/Liver Failure (Timed, Delayed) [-1 DP]

Cost: $0.25, pill, LC4 = $1/ 16 doses.
Panfertinull $20/ 3 months.

A contraceptive which is effective whether taken by the man or the woman, it works by blocking the action of a key protein in gamete fusion, epididymal protein DE, so that the gametes cannot fuse to produce a viable embryo. Also, since it doesn’t use hormones to prevent conception, it has none of the mood-altering side effects associated with older conraceptives. It comes in dermal reservoir form containing 21 doses, good for 3 whole months of duration, treat as an injection. LC4.

Contraceptive [1 DP], Strength: HT-2, Onset: 24 hours [-4], Duration: 4 days [+3]. Side Effects: None.

Cost: $0.5, injection, LC4 = $1/4 doses.
Rad-away $100/dose.

A liquid which contains several modern chelating agencies which encapsulate and remove radioactive particles from the user’s system while actually healing radiation damage. The drug will “cure” one rad worth of radiation dosage per hour of its effect and remove radioactive particles from the system in 1d hours. It comes in a special, and expensive, pneumohypo dispenser that slowly discharges its contents over the onset time – and the user cannot move around while it is being administered. LC4.

Radiation Healing [2 DP], Strength: HT-2, Onset: 20 minutes 0, Duration: 8 hours [1 DP]. Side Effects: Genetic Damage (Untimed) [-1 DP].

Cost: $2, injected liquid, LC4 = $1/ dose.
Silque $120/dose.

Silque is the street-name for one of the hottest new recreational drugs on the glitterati club scene. A fine aerosol mist of the drug is inhaled, causing euphoria, elevated energy, and intense sexual desire. The most common form of the drug is sold in mini-perfume bottles hold 2 to 5 doses.

Aphrodisiac 2 2, Euphoric 1, Endurance Enhancer 1, Drug Strength 2 2; Onset: 60 Seconds 2, Duration: 2 hours [0 DP]. Side Effects: Increased Pain Sensitivity (Timed, Instantaneous) [-1 DP], Insomnia (Timed, Delayed) [-1 DP],

Cost: 6, Inhaled – Aerosol, LC3 = $120/dose.
Simulac $1/4 doses.

Simulac is an alchohol-substitute widely marketed under a variety of brand names and flavors. The most popular form is amber-yellow, foamy and comes in cans containing four doses.

Depressant [1 DP], Euphoric [2 DP], HT+0 [-2 DP], Onset: 5 minutes [+1 DP], Duration: 2 hours [0 DP]. Side Effects: Addictive Tolerance (Untimed) [-1 DP], Physically Addictive (Untimed) [-2 DP], Psychologically Addictive (Untimed) [0 DP]

Cost: 0.5, liquid-ingested, LC3 = $1/4 doses.
Spider $480/dose.

Spider is a particularly nasty concoction that surfaced as a means of torture and interrogation during the final days of the Brunei Resistance. Spider opens the brain up to increased perception, including the sense of pain, as well as breaking down mental walls of willpower and bravery. Within seconds of the gel being absorbed into the skin, the subject experiences the sensation of hundreds of spiders crawling over his skin and his mental resistance simply crumbles.

Hypnotic 2 4, Increased Perception 2, Drug Strength 2 2; Onset: 10 Seconds 3, Duration: 30 Minutes [-1]. Side Effects: Nightmares (Untimed) [-1], Cowardice (Timed, Instantaneous) [-1 DP], Increased Pain Sensitivity (Timed, Instantaneous) [-1 DP], Reduced Will (Timed, Instantaneous) [-1]

Cost: 6, Contact, LC2 = $480/dose.
StimHeal $160/dose.

Most commonly found in hospitals and ambulances, StimHeal is a fast-acting healing stimulant. It has been intentionally designed to allow paramedics and doctors to work on the patient by both numbing and paralyzing them. There is a rumor that some streetlabs have been able to delay the onset of the paralysis, enabling the drug to be used in dangerous situations. It comes in pre-measured syringes with autoinjectors.

Pain Negation x3 [3 DP], Coagulant x1 [2 DP], Increased Healing Rate x1 [4 DP] , Onset: 2 seconds [+4 DP], Duration: 30 Minutes [-1 DP]. Side Effects: Paralysis (Timed, Immediate) [-2 DP], Numb(Timed, Immediate) [-2 DP]

Cost: 8, liquid-injected, LC3 = $160/dose.
Stimpatch $8/dose.

This drug speeds the reflexes and enhances endurance. It is physically addictive but as widely accepted in society just as alcohol is. The drug commonly comes in contact derm patches applied to the skin.

DX Increase 1 [2 DP], Endurance Enhancer 1 [2 DP], Strength HT+0 [0 DP], Onset: 20 minutes, Duration: 24 hours [2 DP]. Side Effects: Physically Addictive (Untimed) [-2 DP]

Cost: 8, Derm, LC4 = $8/dose.
Synthetic “Tobacco” $5/20 doses.

Synthetic Cigarettes are still common, but due to pre-collapse legislation and modern technology, they are no more likely to cause cancer than the air in a typical neighborhood – although they’re still addictive. They usually contain gene-tailored and dried kelp infused with the active ingredients rather than actual tobacco although an ’e-cig" alternative burns a drug-infused gel in an electronic holder that looks like a cigarette and contains as many doses as a full 20-pack of the usual cigarettes. Popular flavors include Classic (Tobacco), Menthol, Chocolate, Clove, Orange-Pineapple, and Jalapeño. LC4.

Euphoric [1 DP], Strength HT+1 [-3 DP], Onset: 60 seconds [2 DP], Duration: 5 minutes [-2 DP], Lessened Withdrawal Symptoms [1 DP]. Side Effects: Addiction Tolerance (Untimed) [-1 DP], Psychologically Addictive (Untimed) [-1 DP]; Appetite Suppression (Timed, immediate) [0 DP], Bad Breath (Timed, Delayed) [1 DP]

Cost: 0.5, smoked, LC4 = $0.25/dose.
The Salt $1.50/dose.

The Salt is the street term for a powerful euphoric that is incredibly inexpensive to synthesize once the formula is known, the downfall is that it has a strong tendency to turn users into psychotic cannibals. Despite it’s rather horrifying side effects, The Salt still crops up in the worst parts of combat zones with surprising frequency and occasionally get media attention when a user stumbles into a more public area to feed.

Euphoric [1 DP] , Onset: 2 seconds [+4 DP], Duration: 2 hours [0 DP]. Side Effects: Psychotic Rage (Timed, Delayed) [-2 DP], Delusions (“I Require fresh Human Flesh to LIVE!”) [-2], Permanent IQ Loss (Untimed) [-3 DP]

Cost: -2, Inhaled (Smoked), LC1 = $1.50/dose.

Dealer's Catalogue

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