Cyberware - Wetware

Wetware Cyberware Table
Cyberware Description Surgery Cost Points LC
Umbra Adrenal Pump +2Init, +2 Striking ST, +1 Lifting ST, High Pain Threshold Major $6,500 9 3
Rossum Reflex Enhancers DX+2, Basic Speed+1 Major $33,600 48 3
BioMai Response-Pathway Accelerators Combat Reflexes, Basic Speed +1 Major $20,000 28 3
Armatech Bio-Booster Basic Speed+1, Lifting/Striking ST +3 Major $10,000 14 3
Umbra Super Thyroid Basic Speed+1, +2Init, Increased Consumption Major $6,400 8 2
BioMai Wonder Cartilage Catfall, Flexible, High Manual Dexterity +2 Radical $10,000 22 4
Rossum Decentralized Heart No Vitals, Hard to Kill 3 Radical $5,000 7 4
Kerser Pacesetter Sports Heart +3 HT. +1 Basic Speed Radical $15,000 30 4
Ageis Boosted Liver Resist Toxins+8, Alcohol Tolerance Major $7,000 14 4
Enyogeni Redundant Organs Hard to Kill 4 Radical $9,600 16 4
Umbra Boosted Appendix Universal Digestion (Cellulose) Major $2,000 4 4
Umbra Enhanced Lungs Filter Lungs, FP+4, Breath Holding 2 Radical $11,000 18 4
Kevorkian Circulatory Sphincters Radical $3,000 5 4
Aegis Auxiliary Stomach Reduced Consumption 4 Radical $3,000 5 4
Umbra Bio-luminescent Patch Glowstick Feature Minor $500 1 4
Rossum Toxin Screener Resist Toxins+8 Major $7,400 12 4
Ageis Ileocecal Filter Reduced Consuption 3 (Water Only) Radical $2,400 4 4
Umbra Cat’s Eye Nightvision 9 Major $4,200 7 4
Kevorkian Trauma Dampener High Pain Threshold, Hard to Subdue 4 Radical $10,000 14 3
BioMai Ultra-Marrow Very Rapid Healing Radical $7,200 12 4
Aegis Arctic Eyes Ultravision, Underwater Vision Major $6,000 10 4
Armatech Muscle Graft +1 Lifting and Striking ST/Level Major $7,000/level 7/level 3
Umbra Dragonskin DR 3 (Tough Skin), Fire Resistant 4 Radical $8,700 12 3
BioVat Regrowth Treatment Limb Regrowth Varies Varies 0 4
BioMai Xenosculpting Exotic Animal Features Varies Varies -1 3
(row_even. | BioMai Xeno-Stikers | Various Strikers | Major | $Varies | Varies | 3 |
Umbra Adrenal Pump

9 Points

The Adrenal Pump is a small bio-gland grafted onto the suprarenal gland above the kidneys. Throughout the day, the Adrenal Pump soaks up corticosteroids. When the right combination of stress and excitement triggers the Adrenal Pump, it floods the system with the built-up hormones. Operating at such elevated levels is taxing, and take caution, as anything that elevates the heart-rate has a chance of setting the pump off…

Statistics: +2 Initiative (Wetware, -20% Costs 1 FP/10 Seconds, -20%) 6; +2 Striking ST (Wetware, -20% Costs 1 FP/10 Seconds, -20%) 6; +1 Lifting ST (Wetware, -20% Costs 1 FP/10 Seconds, -20%) 2; High Pain Threshold (Wetware, -20% Costs 1 FP/10 Seconds, -20%) 6; Hair Trigger: Any situation where the character is especially excited or stressed (GM’s call), he/she must make a Will Roll to NOT activate the pump. A failed Bad Temper or Berserk roll automatically triggers the pump. [-10];

Rossum Reflex Enhancers

48 Points

Reflex Enhancers uses cutting-edge neural-science to create a short-cut in brain-to-body synaptic exchange, allowing for faster reactions and better hand-eye-coordination. Although expensive, the Reflex Enhancers are still popular among high-end security forces and sponsored athletes.

Statistics: +2 Dexterity (Wetware, -20%) 32; +1 Basic Speed (Wetware, -20%) 16;

BioMai Response-Pathway Accelerators

28 Points

Response-Pathway Accelerators are designed to greatly increase the speed of emergency-action decisions in fighter-pilots, combat troops and other people who operate in environments where a half of a second of response time could mean the difference between life and death.

Statistics: Cobat Reflexes (Wetware, -20%) 12; +1 Basic Speed (Wetware, -20%) 16;

Armatech Bio-Booster

14 Points

Want a little more Bang for your Buck than our competition offers and avoid “hulking out” at in-opportune moments? Try the Bio-Booster! Rather than depending on emotional stress to trigger, the Bio-Booster is a self-activated trigger for releasing several different emergency response hormones into the bloodstream. Warning: Extended use of the Bio-Booster is recommended only for those in good physical health.

Statistics: Basic Speed +1.00 (Wetware, -20%; Costs 1 FP/10 Seconds, -20%; Cardiac Stress, every minute, -30%) 6; Lifting ST +3 (Wetware, -20%; Costs 1 FP/10 Seconds, -20%; Cardiac Stress, every minute, -30%) 3; and Striking ST +3 (Wetware, -20%; Costs 1 FP/10 Seconds, -20%; Cardiac Stress, every minute, -30%) 5.

Umbra Super Thyroid

8 Points

This procedure replaces the thyroid with a vat-grown surrogate that optimizes the break down and conversions of starches and sugars into energy. The boosted metabolism effectively super-charges the recipient, at the cost increasing his/her food requirements. The constant breaking process of anabolism is endothermic – meaning the recipient gives off more body heat than a normal human, and recipients of a Super Thyroid tend to be hyperactive.

Statistics: Basic Speed +1.00 (Wetware, -20%) 16; +2 Initiative (Wetware, -20%) 8; Increased Consumption 1 [-10]; Unnatural Feature: High Body Heat [-1]; Odious Personal Habit: Hyperactive [-5];

BioMai Wonder Cartilage

22 Points

Need a little extra flexibility in your line of work? Wonder Cartilage just might be the edge you need, whether you’re an acrobat, exotic dancer, or something more exotic. This extensive procedure replaces the recipients cartilage with a more flexible, shock-absorbing material.

Statistics: Catfall (Bio-Organ, -10%) 9; Flexible (Bio-Organ, -10%) 4; High Manual Dexterity+2 (Bio-Organ, -10%) 9

Rossum Decentralized Heart

7 Points

They heart is one of the most vital, fragile, organs in human body, so why keep it all in the same place? With the Decentralized Heart, the heart is replaced with several smaller blood-pumps that splits up the workload into a diffuse system. Worrying about heart attacks and heart-shots are a thing of the past! Disclaimer: The Rossum Decentralized Heart only replaces the heart, all other chest-cavity vital organs remain intact – heart or no heart, it is not advised that clients try taking a projectile to the chest, as this may still be fatal in many cases.

Statistics: Injury Tolerance: No Vitals (Heart Only, -40%; Wetware, -20%) 2; Hard to Kill 3 (Wetware, -20%) 5.

Kerser Pacesetter Sports Heart

30 Points

Run faster, play longer: the Sports Heart is a cardiovascular overhaul for the athletically minded. This high-performance bio-upgrade has a mentally activated trigger that boosts endurance and athletic performance to epic new levels! Warning: The Kerser Sports Heart is intended for short bursts of athletic superiority, not prolonged “marathon” sports sessions; extended use can lead to dizziness, confusion, and on rare occasions in subjects that were not physically fit, cardiac arrest.

Statistics: +3 HT (Wetware, -20% Costs 1 FP/10 Seconds, -20%) 18; +1 Basic Speed (Wetware, -20% Costs 1 FP/10 Seconds, -20%) 12; Note: the Sports Heart is incompatible with any other heart-replacement, but IS fully compatible with the Bio-Booster – both benefits AND drawbacks stack.

Aegis Genetics Boosted Liver

14 Points

Party longer with the new Replitech Boosted Liver! The new organ not only filters out 98% of alcohol before it reaches the bloodstream, but it works wonders on ingested toxins as well. So whether your night out includes a whiskey binger, taste testing for a diplomat, or eating from a questionable falafel stand, the Boosted Liver has you covered!
Statistics: Resistant to Toxins +8 (Bio-Organ, -10%) 13; Alcohol Tolerance (Bio-Organ, -10%) 1

Enyogeni Redundant Organs

16 Points

Have you heard the saying “You can’t have too much of a good thing”? Well, Enyogeni has decided to extend that philosophy to vital organs! With auxiliary organs performing the bare minimum to keep the system in active, the Redundant Organ System will insure that even if you are taken out of a fight, you can still live to see tomorrow!

Statistics: Hard to Kill 4 (Wetware, -20%) 16

Umbra Boosted Appendix

4 Points

Trekking through the Bad-Lands? Planning a long mission where food logistics pose a serious problem? We have the Upgrade for You: Umbra’s Boosted Appendix is wholly redesigned appendix replacing the one evolution took away from you! Now, you too can survive on rudimentary cellulose – snacking on fat-free tree bark, grass trimmings and lichen when ever food is in short supply!

Statistics: Universal Digestion (Cellulose only, -40%; Bio Replacement -10%) 4;

Umbra Enhanced Lungs

18 Points

Run farther, dive longer with Umbra’s Enhanced Lungs! The Human lungs are not particularly efficient: utilizing only 17% of inhaled oxygen at any given time, and that’s BEFORE modern toxic air wrecks them! The Enhanced Lungs not only filter out some of the air’s toxins, but increased oxygen exchange improves stamina and lung capacity like never before!

Statistics: Filter Lungs (Bio Replacement -10%) 4; FP+4 (Bio Replacement -10%) 11; Breath Holding 2 (Bio Replacement -10%) 3

Kevorkian Circulatory Sphincters

5 Points

The latest in life-saving biotech from Kevorkian, when ever there is a significant drop in blood-pressure to an area, nanoscopic muscles clamp the veins shut and re-route the blood around the affected area. Any flesh below the the wound is cut off from the blood flow, and must be surgically removed and replaced, but the system eliminates shock, blood-poisoning and further blood loss.

Statistics: Temporarily statted up at 5CP; Love the concept, still unsure of how to stat it…

Aegis Genetics Auxiliary Stomach

5 Points

Looking for a solution to food logistics that doesn’t involve eating hedge-trimmings and tree bark? The Auxiliary Stomach just may be what your looking for! The Axillary Stomach allows you to spend a few hours over-eating high calorie foods, and stores the excess meal in secondary “gut”, releasing it slowly over a week long period. Guess what unit has the higher morale: the guys eating lichen and moss for a week, or the troops that binge on chili-cheese fries before a long mission?

Statistics: Reduced Consumption 4 (Mitigator: Requires Calorie Binge -50%; Bio-Organ -10%) 5

Umbra Bioluminescent Patch

1 Point

Taking inspiration from one of natures great wonders, the Bioluminescent Patch is a small piece of bioluminescent tissue woven sub-dermally into the body, giving off a soft, non-glare light equivalent to a glowstick. Popular locations include the palm or back of the hand, cheek, forehead and chin. Now available in several popular colors!

Statistics: Glowstick Feature 1

Rossum Toxin Screener

12 Points

Let’s face it: whether a corporate bodyguard or avid fugu fan, poisoning is common threat in the modern world. The Rossum Toxin Screener is a cluster of chemically sensitive nerve tendrils implanted into the stomach that cause a purge whenever they detect certain poisons. Want to enjoy a good synth-whiskey but still avoid the affects of curare? No problem, most of our Toxin Screeners are grown to be alcohol tolerant, unless the client personally asks for otherwise!

Statistics: Resistant to Toxins +8 (Wetware -20%) 12

Aegis Genetics Ileocecal Filter

4 Points

Solved your food logistics but worried about water? We’ve got you covered: the Ileocecal Filter is an artificial organ that coils around the large intestines and removes up to 80% of water from the body’s solid waste products. Go longer without water than ever before! Disclaimer: Many older-model commodes might not be able to dispose of the rock-like pellets produced, Aegis recommends breaking it up with a stick like tool before flushing in most home commodes. Aegis also recommends a soothing ointment available over the counter at most pharmacies to deal with chaffing for the first few months.

Statistics: Reduced Consumption 3 (Water Only, -50%; Bio-Organ, -10%) 4

Umbra “Cat’s Eye” Replacement Eyes

7 Points

While not as advanced or as subtle as cybereyes, Umbra’s Cat’s Eye replacement eyes are a cheap biological alternative. Made popular with iconic sensie star Kitty Katsumi, Umbra’s Genetics Cat’s Eye replacement eyes are not actual cat’s eyes, but genetically engineered, vat-grown eyes with the striking appearance of a cat’s eye, as well as remarkable night vision. Note: due to the replication of a cat’s ambient light collecting eyes, the Cat’s Eye replacement eyes produce a “back-shine” effect when light is shined directly into them.

Statistics: Night Vision 9 (Bio-organ -10%) 8; Unnatural Feature: Cat-like Eyes (-1)

Kevorkian Trauma Damper

14 Points

Life is Pain, but that doesn’t mean you just have to accept it! With the new Kevorkian Trauma Damper, specialized nerve clusters implanted at the base of the thalamus help regulate endorphiunes and enkephalins to keep the pain at a more tolerable level. Note that the Kevorkian Trauma Damper doesn’t reduce injury, it just makes it more bearable.

Statistics: High Pain Threshold (Wet-ware, -20%) 8; Hard to Subdue 4 (Bio-Organ, -10%) 6

BioMai Ultra-Marrow

12 Points

Sooner or later, everyone gets injured, but recovering from an injury is the important part, that’s where Ultra-Marrow comes in. Replacing bone marrow with a high-performance wet-ware substitute, Biomai’s Ultra-Marrow throws the bodies production of platelets into high gear, clotting wounds and mending tissue at an amazing pace.

Statistics: Very Rapid Healing (Wetware -20%) 12

Aegis Genetics Artic Eyes

10 Points

It’s hard to argue that Cat’s Eyes look cool, but for really amazing eyes, check out a penguin for some inspiration! The Aegis Genetics Artic Eye has re-engineered these amazing vat-grown eyes to have some of the remarkable features of a penguin’s eye, such as a flattened cornea that allows clear vision underwater and the ability to see in the ultraviolet spectrum. Why buy vat-eyes that simple look cool, when you could get eyes that are Arctic?

Statistics: Ultravision (Bio-replacement, -10%) 9; Feature: Underwater Vision 1

Armatech Muscle Grafts

7 Points/Level, Max 3

Tired of being a 90lb Weakling? Want Mountains of Muscle fast, without the hassles of diet and exercise? With Armatech Muscle Grafts, the physique of your dreams is just a few surgeries away!

Statistics: +1 Lifting ST (Bio-replacement -10%) 2; and +1 Striking Strength(Bio-replacement -10%) 4 per level, up to 3 levels. Level 3 MUST take Unsupported.

Umbra Dragon-Skin

12 points

One of many profitable biomods Umbra inherited from the collapse of Gen-Nu, Dragon-Skin was originally developed for firefighters and military hazmat teams, it’s now a common feature of outlaw nomad bands and the bio-freak gangs of the Free Cities. Nomad Bikers and Pseudo-Mutants aside, Dragon-Skin is the ideal mod for anyone seeking to make it out of a literal hot-spot.

Statistics: Damage Resistance +3 (Tough Skin -40%, Bio-Replacement -10%) 7; Heat/Fire Resistant +4 (Common -40%, Bio-Replacement -10%) 10; Unnatural Feature (Scaly Skin) [-1]; Unattractive [-4]

Varies – See Below
Biovat Limb Regrowth Treatment

0/1 points

The latest modern miracle of biotech is springing up among the most upscale clinics across the globe: limb rejuvenation! The patient is confined to a partially enclosed bio-chamber filled with a sort of super-soup consisting pain-killers and a nutrient bath working in conjunction with robotic arms stitching together force-grown cloned limbs back on to the patient as if the original limb was never lost! The new limb is 100% undetectable as anything other than natural, and UV bombardment insures even the skin tone is a perfect match. Recovery time is varied by the limb/limbs being replaced (see below) – but in the case of complete lower body replacement (pelvis, legs & feet), don’t worry: our most frequent request is available for just a few dollars more (covered by most insurance plans) and completely discreet – extra growth supplements can be diverted to the “desired area” for a completely natural looking improved you! Any appropriate limb bio-mod may be added at this time without altering recovery time for a 10% cash discount.

Limb Regrowth Treatment
Limb CP Cost Recovery
Hand 0 $2,500 1 week
Foot 0 $2,000 1 week
Arm 0 $12,000 1 month
Leg 0 $10,000 1 month
Full Lower Body 0 $16,000 3 months
Extreme Sexual Dimorphism 1 $5000 1 week

Varies – See Below
BioMai Xenosculpting

-1 point

Tired of the Same Old You? BioMai Xenosculpting is the latest in high-end appearance modification: Fully customized animal features for a look that rivals the biodroids! Most of BioMai’s clients are elite theme clubs with specific animal traits in mind, but sensie-stars and other entertainers are becoming more and more a part of the xeno-sculpted world!

Minor cosmetic xeno-features are $1,000 (one day recovery) each. A set of related minor modifications (e.g., giving someone rabbit ears, buck teeth and a button nose) is $10,000 (one week recovery). Altered facial bone structure is $30,000 (and 2+ weeks).

Statistics: Unnatural Features [-1]

Varies – See Below
BioMai Xeno-Strikers


As Xenosculpting becomes more and more fashionable, the trend of Xeno-Strikers follows suit: growing horns, antlers, claws, and fangs right into natural tissue! While these are secondary traits for performers and entertainers, Bio-Freak gangs love them too, and some gangs and clades are built around a central concept.

Statistics: See table below

Type CP Cost Notes
Blunt Claws 2 $3,500 Bio-organ -10%
Sharp Claws 4 $6,700 Bio-organ -10%
Retractable Sharp Claws 5 $8,500 Bio-organ -10%, Switchable +10%
Fangs 2 $4,000 Bio-organ -10%
“Unicorn Horn” 8 $12,500 Bio-organ -10%; Piercing, Long +100; Limited Arc -40%
Antlers 3 5,000 Bio-organ -10%; Piercing, Limited Arc -40%
“Bull Horns” 12 $18,000 Bio-organ -10%; Impaling, Long +100; Limited Arc -40%

Cyberware - Wetware

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